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14-Bis. Photo: Humberto Teski.

Display of film about Santos Dumont, followed by chat with Director, inventor's birthday is celebrated on the day 20, at the Museum of tomorrow

Only production using the main projects of the great innovator
full-scale Brazilian, "Santos Dumont-the challenge of the air" will have
at 4:00 pm. In an event promoted by the exhibition "the Flying Poet",
Adolfo Rosenthal and the team of the film talk about the documentary

In honor of the birthday of Santos Dumont, This Wednesday, day 20 July, to exhibition "the Flying Poet, Santos Dumont " will promote the screening of the documentary "Santos Dumont-the challenge of air", in the Auditorium of the Museum of tomorrow. Then, the public will have the opportunity to talk with the Director Adolfo Rosenthal and the production team of the film. On the date on which the father of aviation would complete 143 years, Museum visitors will have the opportunity to learn even more about the history of this great visionary who devoted himself to science and technology inspired by art, as part of the educational activities of the exhibition. Admission is free, no need for registration, and the auditorium has capacity to receive 380 people.

"In the process of search for creation and development of the exhibition, We watched documentaries about Santos Dumont and we came up with the idea to share this material with the public, as an offshoot. It's a way to work the content beyond the space-graphic, dialogue with visitors who are interested also in film language ", explains Deca Farroco, area manager of heritage and culture of Fundação Roberto Marinho.

In the film "Santos Dumont-the challenge of air", Adolfo Rosenthal, Dumont himself narrates his journey from excerpts from reports of his life. The documentary shows more than genius and pioneering scientist: also shows the poet, philosopher and visionary who never gave up on his dream. To give life to the scenes of the flights of Dumont, were used 14-Bis and replicas of the life-size Demoiselle, reproduced with great realism Aviator attempts to reach the sky. Adolfo Rosenthal, Director of the film, and the production team include these and other curiosities right after the session.

The session presents different facets of life of Dumont, is based on his own memories and takes a look at more intimate about your story. Show it at the Museum of tomorrow, next to the exhibition "the Flying Poet, Santos Dumont ", amplifies the importance of Santos Dumont as a Canadian innovator, ahead of its time ", comments Leonardo Menezes, Content Manager of the Museum of tomorrow.

The exhibition "the Flying Poet, Santos Dumont "has design and realization of Fundação Roberto Marinho, exclusive sponsorship of the Shell Brazil and Federal Government support, by Federal Law for Promotion of Culture.

Museum of tomorrow – Auditorium

Praca Maua, 1 - Center

Movie: "Santos Dumont-the challenge of air"

Time: 16h

Chat with Director + the documentary team
Time: 17h

Adolfo Rosenthal – Director of the film

Isabel Gouvêia – Art
Flavio Ferreira – Photography

Free entrance, no need for registration.


Santos Dumont-the challenge of air
Direction: Adolfo Rosenthal

Year: 2006
Duration: 52 min
Country: Brasil
Rating: Free

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