Ivair Reinaldim and Michelle Sommer launch book with studies on art criticism in Brazil.

Sponsored by PROEX / Capes and seal by Editora Circuito, edition is free and can be downloaded from the publisher's website.

Ivair Reinaldim and Michelle Farias Sommer launch digital book about experimental in Brazilian art. Sponsored by PROEX / Capes and seal by Editora Circuito, the edition is free and can be downloaded from the publisher's website.

The book “Try Experimental” was born from two courses taught in 2017 and 2018 in the Graduate Program in Visual Arts at the School of Fine Arts at UFRJ (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro), with the Emergency Platform Extension Program of the Municipal Art Center Hélio Oiticica (CMAHO). Starting with the discussion of texts by Mário Pedrosa (1900-1981) and Hélio Oiticica (1937-1980), the courses comprised three objectives: confront the “origins” of experimental in Brazilian artistic production; develop reflections from expository studies and art criticism; and find out what's “Brazilian” in the uniqueness of experimentation.

The edition is structured in two parts. The first brings together reflections arising from the course “Try the experimental: where purity is a mi(a)to – introduction to exhibition studies and art criticism in Brazil”, since “origins” of experimental in Brazilian art of the years 1960 and 1970 until speculation about a possible experimental after, focusing on the addresses of this production, expository canons and instances of legitimation. The second part of the book focuses on the next course, “Try the experimental: furor of the margin – expository studies and art criticism in Brazil”, in order to add to the themes of the first edition a set of reflections on the relationship between lexicons and the uses of art in the current situation.

“Try Experimental” brings photographic records of the activities carried out in the courses, in addition to creative exercises developed by students in a collective and collaborative way. There are also unpublished texts produced by the researchers, from the proposed experience, and essays dealing with specific topics covered in some classes. Are republished, yet, historical and literary texts that supported the dynamics and experiences of the proposal. Stands out, in this context, the unprecedented publication of the montage of text fragments and audio speech transcripts “Try the experimental”, by Waly Salomão (1943-2003), accompanied by explanatory notes.

Click here to download the book, free: editoracircuito.com.br/website/3576-2


Ivair Reinaldim

Doctor of Visual Arts, in the line of research History and Art Criticism, by the UFRJ School of Fine Arts, having completed a PDEE Internship at École doctorale d’Arts plastiques, aesthetic & art sciences na University Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne (France). Your thesis “Art and art criticism in the 1980: possible links between the international theoretical debate and critical discourses in Brazil” received the Gilberto Velho Thesis Award from UFRJ, in 2013. Adjunct professor at the School of Fine Arts at UFRJ and on the permanent staff of the Graduate Program in Visual Arts at EBA-UFRJ. Member of the Brazilian Committee of art history (since 2019). Acts as an independent curator and develops research in the areas of historiography and art theory, criticism and curatorial studies.

Michelle Farias Summer

Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Operates in teaching, search, curation and criticism of visual arts. He is a postdoctoral fellow in Visual Languages ​​at PPGAV / EBA / UFRJ (2017 – until now) with CAPES / PNPD scholarship with research focused on experimental and contemporary dystopias from multidisciplinary perspectives. PhD in History, Theory and Criticism of Art by PPGAV / UFRGS (2012-2016), with doctoral internship at the University of the Arts London / Central Saint Martins (2015) 457 in the area of ​​expository studies, and Master in Urban and Regional Planning by PROPUR / UFRGS (2003-2005) in the city area, culture and politics. She is an architect and urban planner at PUC-RS (1997-2002). In 2017 co-curated the Mário Pedrosa exhibition: of the affective nature of the form, at the Queen Sofia Museum, in Madrid, who won the prize for curating the exhibition by the Brazilian Association of Art Criticism – ABCA, in 2018. She is the author and organizer of several books and regularly contributes as an art critic to national and international publications and visual arts projects in different formats., search, in criticism and curation of visual arts.

Title: Try the experimental: where purity is a mi(a)to, furor of the margin
Organization: Ivair Reinaldim and Michelle Farias Sommer
Presentation: Carlos de Azambuja Rodrigues
Rio de Janeiro
Publisher Circuit
Year: 2020
Pages: 460
Sponsorship: PROEX / Capes
Available for free download: editoracircuito.com.br/website

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