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Installing the Indian artist Daku, in the city of Goa, India. Photo: Daku.

Experiments with Time and Shadows: unprecedented exhibition in Brazil brings Indian artist works for the SESC Santo André

Time perpetual flow processing. This is a Henri Bergson assumptions in the book Creative Evolution, Nobel Prize in Literature 1927. In the work, French philosopher discusses time as transitory and unchanging movement, a process fluid and continuous existence of generating future in the present while revisiting the past. It is divided into moments and moments, so that the man found to measure the passage of time. Illusion or movement of infinity, time shows that we are not the source, nor the end.

In December SESC Santo André and the Indian artist Daku invite the audience to reflect on the time with exposure experiments with time and Shadows, with opening scheduled for the 10, Tuesday. In an unprecedented show in Brazil, anonymous artist born in a small town in India uses in his works the oldest technology in the world to measure time: the shadows.

The unity of the entrance ramp gets a great suspended installation with letters, to be reflected by the sun, form sentences written by shadows on the ground. The text, authored by artita, encourages reflection on time and the effect of its passage in our lives.

"Before the invention of the modern watch, the shadows were the main source of measurement of time. The ancient Egyptians used sundials, or shadow clocks to measure 24 cycles of day / night. Today, no modern world – accelerated changes -, we almost forgot the connection between shadows and time ", says the anonymous artist who uses the pseudonym Daku, Hindi translation for the word "bandit".

In addition to the facility that welcomes the public at SESC Santo André, Daku exposes portraits of his works around the world, that they have been exposed in places like Center Pompidou (France), Venice Biennale, Trienalle Design Museum (Italy), Sikka Art Fair (Dubai), IndianArt Fair, among others.

Billboards with phrases such as "Relax. I will not sell you anything ",or "Wanted: a space in your mind "; facilities that form sentences in the city walls of Lodhi; plates avenues with the words "stop shopping"; are some of the works of Daku resgistros that will be on display Experiments with Time and Shadows.

Through his work, Daku talks about the temporary nature of our contemporary life, art market and society in general. Always experimenting with different techniques and languages ​​- English and Hindi -, he is able to establish deep dialogues and located with the spaces in which it works.

Despite the complex issues, challenging himself and his audience, the artist manages to affect your viewer with simple, incisive comments, in the form of public art interventions. Sometimes poetic and lyrical, so many, Thug and crude, Daku the work is always surprising and constantly transient.

Experiments with Time and Shadows – SESC Santo André
10 from December to 1 March 2020.
Tuesday to Friday, from 10:00 to 10:00 pm.
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 10h to 19h.
Mediated visits must be scheduled in advance by e-mail agendamento@santoandre.sescsp.org.br
Rua Tamarutaca, 302 - Vila Guiomar - Santo André
Phone- (11) 4469-1311
Parking lot (limited availability): Full credential - R $ 5 (R$ 1,50 for additional time) |
Others - R $ 10 (R$ 2,50 for additional time).
Information about other settings:
sescsp.org.br/santoandre | facebook.com/SESCSantoAndre

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