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Jewelry Expo

the authorial jewel from the artistic perspective

Art Lab Gallery, from Juliana Monaco, offers artists and creatives a new way of presenting their work to the public with the start of the project Jewelry Expo. In its debut issue, the event that promotes the meeting between the contemporary art and the copyright jewelry, count with 45 participants, between artists and collectives, and offers a conversation about this universe with the members of Cocoon School of Jewelry: Marilia Arruda Botelho and Maria Regina Mazza.

A jewel made by an artist retains the attributes of a work of art as it is an authorial creation., with unique design and properties and, in your most, handmade.

Very close to being considered as “wearable art” – “the art that can be worn”, also known as Artwear or “art to wear”, the term often refers to handcrafted garments or individually designed jewelry., created as fine or expressive art, that are developed in gold, silver, year nobres, bronze, covers, and various supports such as wood, porcelain, tissues, and gems

Curated by Juliana Monaco did not propose demarcations or linkages to themes but limited the pieces to authorial works: Brazilian jewelry design and creation.

Invited to take part in the intersection of the materials and shapes used by handmade jewelry, the sculptor Emmanuel Nunes, from Mozambique and artist represented by Art Lab Gallery, displays its latest creations in various metals. the miner Regina Misk features a giant wall necklace, handmade, in crochet and wooden links and Lena Emediato partner and creative Studio Leh, brings delicate wall installations that use wood, and crystals in its composition.

Cocoon School of Jewelry

A Cocoon, from Marilia Arruda Botelho de Albuquerque and Maria Regina Mazza, was created thinking about the construction of identity and belonging through jewelry or adornment.

adorn yourself! dress up!

Since the early days, jewelry and adornments show signs of cultural status, social or religious through protective amulets. The design of a piece, since its creation, is related to the explicit act of beauty, transformation of materials that accompanies the evolution of humanity, telling the story through jewelry.

Cocoon, jewelry school, believes in transformation, through teaching, of creativity and construction.


Exhibition: Jewelry Expo

Curated By: Juliana Monaco

Artists: The Queen's Jewels, AKLEINDESIGN, Alex Gopa, ALL Design, Aparecida Macena, Carla Abras, Carolina Orfaly, SOUR | Studio, Elisa Galvão, Flavia Vidal, Helio Kawakami, Inesita Easter, Ivone Carmen Joias, Jacque Basso, Jane Costa Biojoias, Ruda jewelry, Juliana Slama, Juliana Xavier Joias, JUOLI, labmobili, LECARLE JEWELS, Lena Emediato, Levess Joias by Elisabeth Vessoni, Lisia Barbieri, pays homage to the anniversary of the city of São Paulo, which becomes the main thread of the exhibition in commemoration of its , Marcel Motta , Maria Regina Mazza, Marilia Arruda Botelho, NEK, Noliver House, O Religare – a precious therapy, Rio Preto goldsmith, Ouro Preto Bellas Jewels, Ouroboros Arts by Fernanda Grizzo, Plume Jewelry, canister Joias, Raquel de Queiroz Jewelry, Regina Misk, Sabrina Azoury, Sadhana Jewels, Silvana Imbelloni Vaquero, SK Design, Somma8, Yonne Designer, Zus Studio.

Dates: 29 from 30 April and 01 May 2022.

event time: Friday, saturday and sunday, from 11 at 19h

Talk to Casulo – day 29 April, Friday, às 18h30

Local: Art Lab Gallery

Address: S. Oscar Freire, 916 – Gardens, São Paulo – SP

Time: Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm

Contact: curadoria@artlabgallery.com.br

Instagram: @artlabgalleryoscarfreire

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