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The exhibition Des Color!, Artists. Photo: Disclosure.

The exhibition Des Color! by Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig é Artista Plástica e Professora de História da Arte.

Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

The wind of my spirit
Blew on the life.
And everything was ephemeral
And you only you, you are eternal…
(MEIRELES, 1995, p.6)

Only one poet's soul to leave so sweet message. And the wind that blew in poetry, also blew the spirit of Art, entranced the soul of the artist and burst into colors and shapes. The hands of the workman, the wind eventually turn into work and delicacy. The heart softened who appreciates thanks.

And it may be that you live many are present in the colors vanished around the screens, in many forms of language, full of metaphors. In the white spaces of the screens, both enchantment poured songs, poetry and is now delighting São Paulo, in the gallery of the House of Law, Afonso Celso Street, 1200, in Vila Mariana. Dr.. Cíndia Regina Moraca, Director of Arts Law Commission of OABSP, invites for the event that began on 14 June and end on 30 July.

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The curator Patricia Amato was of fundamental importance for the essence of the event will draw as saying, chord, music. In the text below, the words of the curator, about the event:

This is a show on Living Forms. According to the best of us. With musical chords that make us travel by personal memories. Traveling to places and their COLORS. A show that also has a call from COLOR DAR to preserve these places we love and our planet. A AGREES of election, people! for interpersonal respect. It ends talking about the feelings that allow us to have peace AGREEMENTS! COLOR DES invites the viewer to travel through life. Come and visit us.

Exposição A Cor Des!, convite. Foto: Divulgação.

The exhibition Des Color!, invitation. Photo: Disclosure.

The exhibition is mounted in 05 phase:

Phase 01 – Music (ACORDES) - Chord Memories. As a Universal language, music communicates through sound, Dance and vibration. It produces colors in our memory and takes us to visit states of consciousness.

Phase 02 – places – (COLOR OF places) - the packaged phase 01 (Music) and the memories that music brings, We enter this phase 02 and we talk about places we visit. Are cities in the world and Brazil. The places that make us experience through customs, traditions and colors.

Phase 03 – Environmental attitude (WAKE UP) - Leaving the phase 02 (places), we realize that the places we love need to be preserved. It depends on our attitude as citizens who take care of this planet. This phase is a call to the preservation of life.

Phase 04 - Respect me! (GRANTED, people) - After the message Environmental Respect phase 03, We follow talking about other respect. A Fase 04 brings self respect as well as messages of interpersonal respect.

Phase 05 - Lifetime (Peace agreement) - Finally we move to stage messages of Life. It is our feelings of restlessness, but also of thanksgiving and protection. We live in high COLOR DES., in beautiful places and well preserved for us, with mutual respect and acceptance. Let's live!

Patricia Amato - Plastic Artist and curator of the exhibition COLOR DES.

Local: House Advocacy Gallery
Address: Afonso Celso Street, 1200, Vila Mariana, São Paulo
Home: 14 June 2018
Finished: 30 th July 2018



MEIRELLES, Cecília. Cânticos. São Paulo: Editora Moderna, 1995.



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