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Art Exhibition: PENSAMENTOS de Renato Renda. Photo: Disclosure.

Art Exhibition: Renato Income THOUGHTS

At the very moment of creation, the travelling by the artist's thoughts? This question inspired the title of the new exhibition of the visual artist Renato Income, THOUGHTS.

Colors, forms and concepts presented in advance to the artist or are formed in the course of the actions? What kinds of feelings, wishes or distress are experienced?

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All these questions are reflected in the different Visual readings that Renato Income made over the last few months with works that explore distinct structures, establishing multiple universes of yourself.

The artist dialogues with mixed techniques, taking advantage of the whole wealth of textures in expressive panes.

The House of culture of Campo Limpo hosted this singular form project, inaugurating a new perspective in its cultural programming, seeing that THOUGHTS It's his first art exhibition.

Art Exhibition: THOUGHTS by Renato Income

Period: 28/11/2016 until 28/12/2016
Schedule for visitation: Sunday to Sunday from 09:00 to 22:00
Free – Free
House of culture of Campo Limpo
Aroldo de Azevedo Street, 100 – Good Garden Refuge
São Paulo - SP 05788-230

Tel. (11) 5841-8164


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