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Jack Grandson A.K. The. Lay person, invitation event in Paris. Disclosure.

Exhibition “BU ** les In Paris”

The Agency and nomadic Moanin art gallery in partnership with Korean All Mecen feature:

Exhibition “BU ** les In Paris”
Artist | Jack Neto “Lay person”

Jack Grandson A.K. The. Lay person

Layman is a visual artist and started your career in graffiti, in 1996, in Guarulhos-SP, hometown. In graffiti, started in 1999. Graduated in graphic design by Panamericana School of art and Design, It operates in various areas of creation: plastic arts, sets, illustration, Graffiti, customization and digital media. With strong appeal in the playful world, your artwork-dubbed as BUBBLES-abstract and concrete elements blend mis- take traditional sources, graffiti letters and geometric shapes.

Exhibition | BU ** LES IN PARIS


“Develop Visual abstract proposals in which the spectator creates their own illusions about the art”.

I have aimed to make the viewer immerse in your dreams and if transportation amid the colours and shapes for a new reality”.


Metro Anvers

Boulevard Rochechouart, 75018 Paris


14/04 a partir the 18h



Lay person:

Page: https://www.facebook.com/leiga.art/

Urges: @leiga_

E-mail: info@leiga.me

Blog: https://leiga-art.blogspot.com.br/


Page: https://www.facebook.com/Moaningallery/

E-mail: contact@moaningallery.com

All Mecen:


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