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Exhibition celebrates the 50 years of Grace's career in the Postal Museum Andreato, in Brasília

Elifas Andreato. Foto: Divulgação.

Candy Andreato. Photo: Disclosure.

From 4 February, the Postal Museum receives exposure Candy Andreato, 50 Years, It gathers some of the major works produced by Paraná artist over half a century of career, in a trajectory that attaches to the Golden phase of Brazilian popular music, the fight against the military regime and the affirmation of Brazilian cultural identity.

The exhibition, with exclusive sponsorship of the post office, may be considered in the Postal Museum until 3 April 2016. Then to the post office in São Paulo Cultural Center.

The show begins with a timeline, that chronicles the early works, performed even in times of worker, until the most recent productions, going through some of the most important chapters in the history of music, the theatre and politics in Brazil.

In the musical field, present work made for some of the most important names of BRAZILIAN POPULAR MUSIC, Paulinho da Viola, Elis Regina, Martinho da Vila, Tom Zé, Chico Buarque, Adoniran Barbosa and Vinicius de Moraes, among others.

Multimedia stations, visitors can select and watch testimonials from the artist about performing some of his major works to the music: record covers, collections of fascicles, cultural projects.

Visitors can even sit around digital stations for listening to records that Candy Pack, from an application that renders the old record players, their characteristic hiss and his way of operation.

Arca de Noé. Foto: Divulgação.

Noah's Ark. Photo: Disclosure.

The work of the artist returned to the children's universe is also represented, highlighting a large-scale reproduction of the Ark and the little creatures that make up the cover of the Noah's Ark unforgettable, of Vinicius de Moraes. Children and adults can be put inside the cover, in a proposal expográfica deploying the plans of work, almost like in a pop-up book.

The same experience navigating the work of Candy visitors have with disks like the Laundresses, of Martinho da Vila, and posters for Elis Regina and to ask the Sun to the Mass of the Cowboy.

Another highlight is the re-reading of historical album cover Ópera do Malandro, by Chico Buarque – one of the most expensive productions of art for the music industry. The rogue white that rests on a suburban train wagon conquers space in the exhibition in a human-sized sculpture. Thus, visitors have the opportunity to participate in the scene, sitting next to the character on the wagon seat, as if they had entered on cover disc of Chico Buarque.

The contribution of Candy Andreato Theatre WINS space also with playback of posters like death of a salesman, by Arthur Miller, directed by Flávio Rangel; Dead Without Burial, Jean-Paul Sartre, directed by Fernando Peixoto; and Punch in tip of Knife, of Augusto Boal, directed by Paulo José.

The political action, especially during the military regime, has space with the reproduction of some of the work that illustrated the resistance to the dictatorship in the period, as covers for alternative publications who founded and directed: the newspapers and Opinion and Argument magazine Movement.

Cartaz Greve. Foto: Divulgação.

Strike Poster. Photo: Disclosure.

As a denunciation of the crimes committed by the regime, attend 25 of October (1981), that has flung on canvas the murdered journalist Vladimir Herzog in the premises of the DOI-CODI, and the majestic the truth Panel that Late (2012), commissioned by the Truth Commission of the Chamber, chaired by the federal Deputy Mayor Luiza Erundina.

The exhibition also brings a rare copy of the book of the military dictatorship, with the cover signed by artist, In addition to other valuable objects and reproductions to help retell the history of Candy Andreato and his commitment to the culture and history of the country.


Candy Andreato was born in Paraná in 1946. The starting point of his career is 1965, When he abandoned the work of an apprentice lathe operator at the plant of Fiat Lux, in São Paulo, to take your first steps in his professional artistic career.

In the 1960, in Editora Abril, participated in the creative team of countless magazines, booklets and collections, How to Score, See and history of Brazilian Popular Music. During the military regime, founded as alternative press organs, Argument and movement. Also began work as a programmer visual and stage designer for memorable plays.

Yet during this period, he excelled as a creator of album covers for the most important names of BRAZILIAN POPULAR MUSIC. Throughout his career, calculates it has produced around 400 works-anthology of covers virtually all the big names of our music.

From the years 1990, his work turned to the editorial area, becoming responsible for the historical collections MPB composers and history of Samba, both launched by Editora Globo, and by Brazil Almanac, monthly publication that circulates in flights of TAM.

In 2011, lifetime achievement, received the special award Vladimir Herzog, granted the people who stand out in defense of ethical and democratic values and human rights. The recognition, as well as the commandery of the order of Cultural Merit, join the many awards he has received throughout his career for his contributions to the country, either in the artistic field, political or social.

Opening: 4 February 2016, at 19h
Visitation: from 5 of February to 3 April 2016
Tuesday to Friday, from 10h to 19h
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, from 12:00 to 6:00 pm

Free Entry


Post Office Museum
Commercial Sector South

Block 04, Block A, 256
Brasilia – DF

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