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Cloister in color display. Photo: Disclosure.

Cloister in color display

Keys – Portugal
5-19 November 2016

The idea of the exhibition is to propagate the artist in essence, in his Studio… with his techniques, materials and their thoughts…

Thus, We formed this group of artists, interested in propagating the art from its beginning.

Allowing enjoy, such as, by which way and how that work came to the exhibition!

We need to meet the soul Artist, your dreams, Realities and languages.

The Work here is presented out of wood, so come to life…

Are you ready to fly… because the language is free… as the soul of the artist!

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# Artists:
Alvaro Azzan
Andréa Barata
Cybele Alves Rodrigues
Eliane Amorim
Elze Arruda
Ines Barroso
Laura Garcia
Lea Picelli
Lélia Acciaioli
Márcia Vinhas Fernandes
Maria Lucia
Maria Lucia Ázara
Maria Theresa
Marina Bufarah
Maristela C. Paiboon
Mônica Pailo
Nale Sena
Roko Brasil
Rosy Jesus Valenzuela
Sandra Palm T
Susy Magalhães
Vanda Savoy
Verena Of Paulla
Zilamar Takeda

# Invited:
Deepak Taneja
Cybele Nakamura

# Date:
Opening 5 November 2016.
At 15:00 hours.

# Visitation:
Even day 19 Nov.
Time: from 9:00 to 23:00 hours.

# Local:
Cloister of Forte de São Francisco Hotel.
Top of Pedisqueira
Keys – Portugal

# Curated By:
Márcia Vinhas Fernandes


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