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Exhibition “Cosmics” of Luciane Valença

German Cultural Institute brings exhibition about the origin of life
The artist Luciane Valença invites us to a journey between heaven and Earth

The trees in many cultures are laden with symbolism and religion. For most of the peoples of Mesoamerica she represented the milky way through the tree of the world, Mayan symbol of creation and organization of the world order as the days and nights. Luciane Valença proposes a parallel between pregnancy and its maintenance, until the survival through this diversity.

Convite Exposição Cósmicas de Luciane Valença.

Invitation Cosmic Exposure of Troythulu.

We have a backbone that resembles a trunk, arms that look like twigs, and hair that resemble leaves. Grow up towards the light, in the same manner as the boughs of the tree stretch toward the Sun. That's what says Luciane Valença, that exposes her works in the German Cultural Institute 3 from July to 01 August. At the exhibition “Cosmics”, It seeks dialogue with the public on environmental awareness, the respect between genders and the gratitude the universe.

Her influences, noticeable in his features, stem from a lifestyle. Creating a unique style, where your colors jump in curves. When mixing the same brush stroke in hues that seem to have a beginning or end, demarcated by firm lines and contrasts of light and shades. Figurations and stories that invite us to a fantastic reality of a very particular world.

Luciane Valença brings the lovers of good news coming from mature fields painting inspirations, aspirations, wishes, idiosyncrasies and own emotions. Is part of a generation of talented artists willing to surrender in aesthetic revolution with sole intent to demolish convenience in creating.

“Humanity form a bridge between mother earth and the Sky, and we, as well as the trees, belong to these two worlds. To achieve this balance, We should live in harmony.”

Opening: 03 of july at 19h
Visitation: 04 from July to 1 August
Monday to Friday: 15h to 8:0 pm and Saturday: 11h to 4:0 pm
Local: Instituto Cultural Germânico
Address: Av. Seven, 131 – Icaraí – Niterói/RJ
Information: (21) 2714 – 0879 / galeria@icgermanico.com.br

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