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Exhibition “Dialogues” by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti is Art Columnist.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is Art Columnist.

Day 18 November happened the vernissage of the exhibition “Dialogues” at Galeria Dimensão in Lisbon Portugal, organization of “Anjos Art Gallery” and curated by artist Maria dos Anjos Oliveira, an exchange of art between two brother countries.

More a guaranteed success, again showing the competence, professionalism and love for the art of its organizers, beautiful works, paintings and sculptures. Really a show of international high-level, where artists can show their already established styles, techniques and especially the essence, placed in their works. Emerging artists with great talent also participate, trying to convey, what really is art in its fullness.

I'm not critical, or journalist, just an admirer of the arts. And I see this show, with the look, admirer of the beautiful, pure, of colors, the essence of the soul of their creators.


Each work has its meaning, just look carefully.


“Dialogue between colors”

“Dialogue between the styles”

“Dialogue between two countries for the arts”


>> The show runs until day 18 December <<

Photos of the Vernissage:






  1. Exhibition “Dialogues” by Edmundo Cavalcanti | Website Obras de Arte http://t.co/lhbqTQPPZE ##artesvisuais art exhibition #

  2. Exhibition “Dialogues” by Edmundo Cavalcanti | Website Obras de Arte http://t.co/aVEaYVntqc

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