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Fluid and Carved exposure, to. Disclosure.

Exhibition and carved FLUIDS - Neil Kerman | Lilian Bomeny

The exhibition curated by Jo Slaviero present 10 acrylic paintings by American artist Neil Kerman and 8 Brazilian sculptures of Lilian Bomeny 12 to 30 in November I Slaviero & Guedes Art Gallery.

Neil Keman, American artist with an abstract painting involves several layers of paint resignifying emotions through textures and colors.

Lilian, self-taught, multidisciplinary artist who has the female universe as their source of inspiration, presents bronze sculptures.


She was born and lives in Brooklyn, United States.

Paintings by Neil Kerman are full of energy. With a full palette of vibrant colors his paintings are drawn with a sense of power and freedom. The vibration of the sign to the use of different ways to spread the ink on the support, each color conveys an emotion.

Neil Kerman describes his painting as an abstract art form that "speak a visual language itself, that touches the emotions, feelings, mood, textures, patterns and colors to create a memorable dynamics in the artwork ".

The artist uses his artwork as a therapeutic way to help patients in the elderly in nursing homes.

He participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Spain, Switzerland, England, France, Singapore, Korea, Brazil and Monaco. The artist was very honored when he was invited to exhibit individually at the United Nations in New York.

His paintings have been exhibited in museums as:

Gallery Benaditrazos, South Korea
Haegeumgang Museum, South Korea
Turin Museum, Italia
Yeosu Art Museum, South Korea
Russia, Museum of Contemporary Art, New Jersey, USA
Yukyung Art Museum, South Korea
Metropolitan Art Museum Las Vegas


Plastic artist, of São Paulo, who began his career with paintings, found, through sculpture, a way to bridge their screen characters for bronze. Of refined aesthetic vision, his sculptures, research work involving sensuality and joy, It is widely accepted by the simple forms and communicative with the public.

These are a continuation of the creation process of the artist that culminated in this bronze series.

recent exhibitions:

2016 Expansion, Paintings, Art galeia The Hebrew, São Paulo, Brasil
2015 Face of the Nature, Sculptures, Centro Cultural Cloitre Billettes, Paris, France
2014 Collective Exhibition Artefact, Miami, USA
2013 Video Art, Cultural percent, Milan, Italy
2012 Nonviolence, Prefecture of São Paulo, Brasil
2012 No Violence _Armas da Paz, Single room, São Paulo, Brasil
2011 Ling Yoni, Casa das Rosas, São Paulo, Brasil
2011 Calligraphy Art of Brazilian, Paris, France
2011 Cultural Center Marc Brion, Barcelona, Spain
2010 - Galeria Even Slaviero & GH, São Paulo, Brasil

Main institutions with works of the artist:

Association of Friends of Autistic, BUT, São Paulo, Brasil
Centre Georges Pompidou, Kandinsky library, Paris, France
Gallery Ricardo Fernandes, Paris, France
Walentowski Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Marques de Pombal Palace, Lisboa, Portugal
World Trade Center, Santos, Brasil
World Trade Center, São Paulo, Brasil

Fluid and Carved exposure
Local: Jo Slaviero & Guedes Art Gallery
Al. Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, 2074
12 to 30 th November of 2019
Monday to Friday from 10 to 19 hours and Saturday from 11 to 15 hours


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