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Madalena Marques Work. Photo: Disclosure.

Paper People exhibition – The art of paper mache Madalena Marques, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti é Artista Plástico, Colunista de Arte e Poeta.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is a Visual Artist, Art Columnist and Poet.

Curated by Ana Claudia Cermaria & John Paul Berto

Visiting from 06.04 to 03.06.2019

Local: Museum of Sacred Art – Metro Tiradentes / Sp Station

Paper mache (originated from the French word paper mache, which means confetti, crumpled and crushed) It is a mass made of shredded paper soaked in water, strained and then mixed with glue and plaster. With this mass is possible to mold objects in different formats, utilities and decorative, among others.

The art of paper mache developed in China, about two centuries before Christ, and in regions of ancient Persia and India.

In Europe, the paper mache was used to create decorative objects first in France and then in England. In Italy, the mass was used in the performance of the famous masks of Carnival, in Venice. Norway has built an entire church made of paper mache, and continuing 37 years under optimal conditions, It was subsequently demolished.

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Objectives of the Exhibition

The goal is to present an exhibition of visual arts (sculpture), containing 50 mini busts honoring Brazilian artists who stand out or stand out from many areas: music, philosophy, estilismo, theater, visual arts etc. . and 9 muses of all-sized to time in the technical paper mache and / or mixed papietagem, Similar to light images, or images dressing the sixteenth century to the eighteenth, another sculpture self-portrait of the artist.

Through photos and much research, created a unique mini mache bust paper measuring (HxWxD): 15cm approx x7x7, all adapted in a wooden cube 7 cm side, the costumes are made of fabric and without the use of adhesives.

These Small Brazilian giants will not be appointed, because divination is one of the pleasures that you want to show.

The ten Muses:

Methodology: It was taken from the mold with plaster some faces, hands, breastplate, legs and feet of some similar models physiognomically with the muses and these molds were prepared to produce 10 paper mache images using techniques and mixed materials and sustainable, full size and full body some famous paintings from the Renaissance to the Brazil Modern Art(framework of a new concept and ways of making art).

They were followed the knowledge acquired in the course of Restoration and Conservation of Sacred Art Museum of Sao Paulo(module paper mache), whose techniques are based on the production of light images of the sixteenth to the eighteenth, giving it a contemporary reading.

The costumes used in clothing these dolls / images has been properly researched, and they are faithful to the models.

materials used: Photos, discarded coffee filter, cola PVA, plaster, vaseline, shellac, water, old newspapers, cardboard, wood, animal glue, gypsum chalk, calcium carbonate, polychrome tempers, Vern vessels, fabrics and trims, acrylic blanket, wool and strings.

These are women, starting from the Renaissance to the century. XX:

Monalisa – Leonardo da Vinci

The pearl earring girl – Wermer

American Gothic(women) – Grant Wood

Frida Kallo – Self Portrait

On. Mrs. Carmo – Cândido Portinari

Tarsila do Amaral – Auto retrato

Samba(women) – Di Cavalcanti

Maria Celina Hermeto – Guignard

Adele Block-Bauer´s Portrait – Gustav Klimt

"The aim of this show, present to the general public, an artistic work with the technical paper mache using sustainable materials, versatile and with a quality similar to that developed by the great masters and which have a plastic result much like the wooden polychrome images, winning a challenge value of this technique in the art world showing the possibilities it presents.

Associated to this the desire to lead people through a tour of the history of art, reflecting on the role of women in this historical path.

Finally the desire to present the ART as a binder of people in an environment where beauty, humor and talent are felt by all.

This project is the result of a personal development that I would like to see released for people to see art that is possible with dedication, love and the will to change our little inner universe.

About Paper People exhibition, in Sacred Arts MAS Museum of Sao Paulo- the metro area Tiradentes

Are 66 parts made with paper, either with or mass papietagem, 10 full size that are muses of famous paintings, 49 mini busts, from 15 cm I do to honor the various artists from all areas and that make me happy during the bill process and 7 characters known worldwide for love of neighbor.

No piece is for sale.

"The exhibition is already public record and it really makes me happy, for I perceive that was worth every second, the reaction of the visitors is light and happy…”

"Madalena Marques"

The artist

I was born in a poor family, within the mining triangle, in Uberlândia and I lived my childhood in Mount Carmel, the fourth 5 children. My mother was a seamstress and embroiderer and taught embroidery machine and my father worked on the railway network, how resources were few, we had bought toys, we created our own dolls with wire wire remains shielded my father brought home, associávamos with patchwork clothes left over from my mother seams and we played create scenarios the yard with these little wire dolls.

We all still children learn the craft of embroidery, This I remember was the first contact with art. I learned from my mother to observe the details of the environment in which I live, a small flower on the roadside, colorful birds… So it was that I began to 15 painting t-shirts with pictures of artists.

At the age of 17, I went to Uberlândia, I worked as a seamstress in a clothing, illustrator in a local newspaper.

I did my first portrait in graphite to 18 years, fine arts college in UFU and participated in cultural fairs where did face of sketches. So I could work as inker on TV Triangulo, affiliate of the Globo Television Network, then I went to the Paranaiba which made the production of commercial, from creation to the placement of the same.

In 1994 I came to São Paulo, house, I graduate in ESPM, but again I had to choose to work and make my own living. Then the art has become a hobby for me, the principle tapestry, knitting, realistic painting on canvas, with the theme jabuticabas, but it was not what I wanted, I think deep desire to associate all knowledge was greater…

My daughter at around 10 years like cosplays and I produced many pieces papietagem and paper mache for this purpose.

When my mother(who lived with us) gone, It was empty and had to produce something different, to let me happy. I started my project with national artists, because I love my country and its Brasilidades… Taste of our regional music, of our poetry, anyway, make a miniature of someone I chose because I like my food is energy soul, It is my way to express my love for this universe… I think this is the role of my art, bring joy to the hearts of the beholder…

I met the Museum of Sacred Art and began a course of restoration and conservation in paper mache, This course gave me the tools I needed to improve my works. The association between the various areas of knowledge are the true essence of this technique.

Dive in the polls and was inspired in sacred works from the sixteenth century to the eighteenth the imagery Dinghy (light images) to compose this exhibition. I think the show has many meanings for me and I wish that it were also to the beholder, there is clear experimental character in different types of finish, showing the possibilities of each material used. The choice of characters was done by a survey of the most famous works of all time and some Brazilian, I like the richness of detail of pictures Renaissance, in addition to match the time of the light images, or the use of paper mache sculptures.

The challenges are my drivers, I want all the time to expand my horizon, because I believe that we are beings walk by evolution, so I am demanding with, My greatest difficulty in this area was certainly, exercise patience… always been shortsighted, He beginning had to end in a sitting, but this technique has many steps and time of drought, or that you develop patience or leaves the scene.

There is no specific work I admire more, but the most difficult, which are more elaborate and require a greater commitment surely leave me more passionate at the end.

I chose to represent the human figure, for many reasons, eye expression is a vibrant thing, each being is unique and reproduce these expressions is like shooting their souls, I realize when I can quite a good result in what I do and hear this who is represented then…

What do I want with this show is just offer visitors some of this my joy to produce something so big, which required an almost total dedication for exactly 1 year of work. I want my female sculptures bring some kind of reflection on women's role in the history of our evolution, that stood before one has the impression that they are alive and giving a message…

I want the lightness is subliminal, that play creativity and artistic knowledge are awakened with my contribution.




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