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Exhibition: “Interactions 1” at LONA Galeria


• feminine noun: reciprocal influence between one thing and another;
• communication between people who live together; dialogue, treatment, contact…

A CANVAS, Gallery and Annex, starts the Project INTERACTIONS that will occupy, alternately, its two exhibition spaces. In a sequence of shows, the artists represented by CANVAS are grouped together to convey both unique and unison messages in group exhibitions. The exhibits will be available for visits with scheduling and in virtual format on the gallery's digital platforms.

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The artists Cristina Elias and Thai Stoklos exhibit 21 works, among paintings, drawings, installations and videos on ANNEX CANVAS.

Cristina Elias brings “Hokusai reinterpretations”, where he makes a particular rewriting of the Japanese artist's trait using various techniques, that interpenetrates: drawing and knitting. This result can be seen in drawings, paintings and an installation. “My creative process prioritizes action, what is being done, to the object (static) of art. (….) Therefore, given the intrinsic relationship between body and object action, I call my work action objects. In addition, work at the intersection between the visual arts and the body arts (specifically the Butô Japanese) and, what I am going to expose is the result of years of psychophysical training in this area of ​​interaction ”, define Cristina Elias. “Starting from the movement, either specifically of the hands or the body in a systemic way, the artist continues the research started a long time ago 10 years with the abstraction of text in image and the application of a synesthetic form of perception to visual production ”, define Duilio Ferronato.

In dialogue with Cristina's works, there is the work of Thai Stoklos, at the moment represented by the series “Deficit”Where the artist presents works composed of drawings, installation and videos, where the gesture becomes visible through the erasure of an insistent action. "The word 'deficit' it means: what is missing to complete an account; what is missing to fill a certain amount or quantity; what is missing to complete a whole. THE 'deficit‘ undermines a common expectation, surprises the expected, and indicates a new attention ", define artist. There is interaction, “Because the two opposite acts are creators. The impulse to create already presupposes the possibility of error and this, then, already stimulates an insistence, an adjustment, a renewal of the look. The works presented speak of the information given through the trace of the gesture, where the innate inclination of the combination is the resistance of the opposing powers. The dialogue between them is what improves them ”, explains Thai Stoklos.


For lack of immunity, the possibilities of meetings were excluded. The simple perspective of interaction suggests contamination. ” The relations of the last 2 years among the artists of canvas Gallery have been fruitful and unusual. The group has been in constant contact, exchanging ideas and analyzing mutual actions. Artistic contact is both anthropophagic and appropriating; one look is enough and the transformation is already beginning. Artists purposely contaminate themselves with ideas, images and conversations. There is no place for barriers. Artistic processes matter as much as the result and, the constant provocations that arise from all parts, whether in the creative or commercial area, keeps us on constant alert ”, explains the coordinator Duilio Ferronato.

With INTERACTIONS, intend to discuss the processes and reach a new stage of artistic maturity, institutional and commercial.

"The 2 early years showed us several possibilities, that we firmly believe that encouraging the artistic process is what makes us excited for the next moves. ” CANVAS Gallery

Exhibition: “Interactions 1
Artist: Cristina Elias and Thai Stoklos.
Coordination: Duilio Ferronato
Period: from 06 of the March 17 April 2021
Local: Annex CANVAS
S. St. Benedict, 181 – 1º. Walk – Center, São Paulo
wtsp (11) 99403-0023
Scheduled visits
Number of works: 21
Techniques: drawings, paintings, installation and video
Price: on request
WebSite: www.lonagaleria.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/lonagaleria
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lonagaleria

Cristina Elias – Artist. Part of the performance for the creation of objects that can materialize in different supports such as drawing, photography, video, installation. She won acclaimed prizes such as Funarte Women in Visual Arts and the Paço das Artes Project Season and exhibited in several museums, galleries and festivals in Brazil, Europe, USA and Canada. Master in Motion Studies from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (University of London), PhD in Design from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi (São Paulo), member of the Center for Oriental Studies Puc / SP.

Thai Stoklos (1978, África do Sul) lives and works in São Paulo. Graduated in Pedagogy (2000) from PUC SP and post-graduated in Image and Sound from Senac (2005). Studied art history with Rodrigo Naves (1999), studied and was guided by the designers Campana Brothers (2001), studied subjects at the Master of Arts at Unicamp (2007), illustration with Fernando Vilela (2008), creative process with Charles Watson (2010), and drawing as an installation at the Slade School of Fine Arts in London (2016). Participated in the Project Monitoring group with Pedro França at MAM (2015), with artist Laura Belém (2019), and participates in the project monitoring group with artists Nino Cais, Marcelo Amorim and Carla Chaim at Hermes Visual Arts (since 2016) Performed artistic residencies at the Slade School of Art in London (2016), Berlin Art Institute in Berlin (2017) and Kaaysa in Boiçucanga (2019).

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