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Exhibition "Urban Jugglers" Carolina Saidenberg in Piola Gardens

Pôster Exposição “Malabaristas Urbanas” de Carolina Saidenberg na Piola Jardins. Divulgação.

Poster exhibition "Urban Jugglers" Carolina Saidenberg in Piola Gardens. Disclosure.

artist paulistana, draws and paints since childhood. Designer and Illustrator, lived in Italy in 2011, where you can study art and fashion design, phase that dramatically influenced their work. Since then it has conducted national and international exhibitions.

Urban jugglers and its outgoing beings circus landscapes in urban environments. His attempt to balance in modern life, surrounded by the great beauty and danger is to be alive. Acclimated in dream landscapes, where places and things that were lived and lost memories back to life.

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Exhibition "Urban Jugglers" Carolina Saidenberg
Date: 14 to 20 of May 2018.
Local: Piola Jardins.
Address: Alameda Lorena, 1765, Jardins - Sao Paulo (SP).
Carolina Saidenberg
Website: carolinasaidenberg.com
Facebook: facebook.com/carolina.saidenberg
Instagram: @carolina_saidenberg_art
Support: Piola logomarca. www.piola.com.br


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