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Exhibition "KILL" Leo Ayres in the 6th edition of the Passage Project

The Ruins Park opens on 19 May the 6th edition of Passage Project, curated by Gabriela Dottori this time brings the exhibition "KILL" Leo Ayres. The artist presents a show built from objects made with sensitive material with the intention of generating a break in the body, in time and the establishment of a sensitive relationship to space. In this place where we encounter stepped in with elements, such as: lights, weeds, water, mud. All inserted one by one into the passage peculiar shape and meticulous. This organization seeks to establish a bonding process between man and the environment in multiple sphere of a material that resists and insists in its raw nature.

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Leo Ayres is a visual artist born in the year 1975 in the city of Rio de Janeiro where he currently lives and works. studied 2005 to 2009 at the school of Visual Arts of Parque Lage. It was selected 2010 Brand new for the Ibeu (Rio de Janeiro, RJ), for Exhibition Program MARP (Ribeirão Preto, SP) and also for EAVerão in 2016, no Parque Lage (Rio de Janeiro, RJ). He exhibited individually at the Cultural Center Ibeu (Tananan Opera Chanchada, 2013), Centro Cultural Banco do Nordeste (Leave the lights on, 2012), Oscar Cruz Gallery (Like me, 2011), Cosmocopa (Hand disco, 2011) Cultural and Furnas (Operation: Camouflage, 2008). In 2016 We held the exhibition, at Caixa Cultural (Rio and Brasilia), curated by Fernanda Small; collective Alles ruhig, all advantageous em Dresden, Germany, curated by Paula Borghi; project curated by Experimenta Paqueta Ivair Reinaldim. In 2017 participated in Barda del Desierto residence in Neuquén, Argentina. Coordinates the alternative space Alinalice.


Gabriela Dottori was born in Recife in 1988 and resides in Rio de Janeiro from 2008. He graduated in Psychology at UFRJ is a psychoanalyst, He participated as a student in various courses at the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage and works as a curator and independent critic.


The Passage Project aims to promote monthly exhibitions of contemporary art at the Municipal Cultural Center Ruins Park, more specifically in the place known as Gallery Tunnel. The proposal is to invite artists to consolidate an ethical and aesthetic occupation of space causing its activation. It is expanding non-traditional exhibition platforms by the desire to awaken contacts, connections and emotions through poetic transit made by this passage.

Passage project – 6th edition
Solo exhibition: BUSH
Artist: Leo Ayres
Curated By: Gabriela Doctors
Opening: 19 de Mayo, Saturday, the 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Exhibition period: 20 from May to 17 June 2018, Tuesdays to Sundays 10am to 18h
Local: Municipal Cultural Center Park of Ruins
Address: Street Murtinho Nobre, 169 – Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20241-050
Phones: (21) 2215-0621 | (21) 2224-3922
visitation free
More info: projetopassagemnasruinas@gmail.com



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