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Fig. 1 - Old car, Paul Lionetti.

Metro Display - Line Culture, Paul Lionetti, by Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig é Artista Plástica e Professora de História da Arte.

Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

I remember beautiful sensations, lights and natural thanks,
sweet emotions, gentle joys, fiery, intense,
I am looking for not intimate, colors and hues that woke me up
To the fascination of creation and the secret of life.
(DAROS, p.24, 2015)

The flustered city is lost in the shuffle of hurried footsteps, the in and out of public transport, on the run that never ends. It may be that the landscape is always the same in São Paulo ever, worried about the rush to whenever insists extend throughout the week. The rush to get; hurry to return; the rush that never allows the look a breath, a truce. Only the art to mitigate the city grayscale, approaching the thought of Belo.

To soften this look absorbed passenger, the seasons of the São Paulo Metro receive art works, modifying the everyday scenario that look got used to seeing. And the works of artist Paul Lionetti is this Metro Line Culture, from 10 April, in Alto do Ipiranga Station.

More than just art, the works address the issue of recycling, since they are made with collage of papers that would be discarded. The environment thanks and also look.

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Paul Lionetti, born in São Paulo, enchanted by the art since childhood. The artist's inspiration came from Cubism, since Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque already worked with the technique of gluing. The art-sticking Paulo allied to spray and acrylic, materials contained in his works. With a unique style, the artist collects multiple exposures into your resume and your art catches the eye. You can be enchanted by your old car (Fig. 1), full of clippings and newspapers lines. You can see the surprised expression of his Salvador Dali (Fig. 2) or the delicacy of a Pearl Earring Girl (Fig. 3). Known characters Art, Music and personalities become art works with your collage.

And even if the fall is a season like the other; the month of April is equal to others; the perception will be unique to those who appreciate art. enjoying, delight by colors and shapes modifies and softens the day of those who pass by routine rush for the lost crowd. The city dresses in autumn and delights the eye of fast passenger. It is inviting to enjoy the colors and shapes.

Instagram: @paulolionetti


DAROS, Lauro. Poetic Landscapes. São Paulo: Editora FTD, 2015.

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