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Exhibition ONLY YOU the avant-garde photographer Leonardo Kossoy

Exhibition with about of 140 Photos, Installations and videos by photographer LEONARDO KOSSOY
Visitation to day 8 May 2016
Free entry

Only you seem to make sense of this world
Only you make my darkness shine
Only you can enchant me the way you do
And fill my heart with love
Just for you, only you.

The post office Rio de Janeiro Cultural Center presents, until day 8 de Mayo, the exhibition ONLY YOU composed of about 140 Photos, installations and videos by avant-garde photographer Leonardo Kossoy. Curated by Fernando Azevedo, the show features images staged with actors Gilda and Germano Nomacce Melo, clicked by Kossoy that, for the first time, worked in a Studio.

By quis ONLY YOU?

"Remember the success recorded in the 50 by the Group The Platters that seems to have fallen in the taste of Idol Elvis Presley? The hit surpassed decades and influenced several generations in the world. From the verses of the song, the paulistano Leonardo Kossoy borrowed the title in English and used as the theme of his new shows: the challenges and possibilities of the relationship the two ", explains the curator Fernando Azevedo.

The realization of the work took three years always with same models bare in dramatized situations suggesting schemes and geometric grids. "I was looking for the drama. To perform the tests I found a couple of actors who resolved the question of scenic expression. Had to be an actor. I love Opera, extreme gestures ", explains the photographer.

The new Kossoy investigations revealed in ONLY YOU bring up the lack of contemporary communication between couples, blind relations and the looks that do not cross. It's a work full of questions, alleged responses and unusual interpretations. Just as in life, the story of each one is felt a particular way: only you…

According to the artist, the issue is more complex: "I don't want to talk about the relationship between man and woman, but the question of binary thinking. In mind, There is a binary model. You can only think of a few things if you imagine the opposite ", says Kossoy, whose "idealized images" investigate the limits of photographic language, expanded by concepts of literature, Visual art and psychoanalysis.

For the curator Fernando Azevedo "until the nudity here is kind of. The nude, the all pervading, is the costume of Kossoy. As your funds indeterminate black, nudity also refuses time and space references. A dinner for two, I can remember Buñuel, Almodóvar or TV soap opera, is the exception that proves the rule. Here are the clothes props causing one of the few erotic moments of work. The most daring nudity in ONLY YOU, but, It's right in the denudation of the insular notion of interiority. Our uniqueness as a couple, Maybe they will be more plural and outwardly shared what we're prepared to admit ".

The exhibition ONLY YOU have an itinerant journey. Debuted in 2014, in Tomie Ohtake Institute in Sao Paulo, with great success. Was presented this year 2016 from 22 from January to 5 March in the Palace of Niterói and post, keep playing until the day 8 may at the Cultural Center of the river Post Office.


Paulistano, graduated in law from Universidade Mackenzie, but since the ' 60 has moved by literature and the Visual Arts, by linking the cultural Vanguards.

Later, abandoned other activities to devote himself exclusively to photography. These interdisciplinary motivations – among the literature, photography and painting – converged in a latest phase to the study of elements of the work of the painters Caravaggio and Francis Bacon, mainly in the Outlook settings, framing and lighting. Leonardo Kossoy always travels to photograph in the Mediterranean, motivated by literary and mythological references. In matches between photography and literature, the poetic look on the reality lead your work. Reader of Patrick Leigh-Fermor travel, approached the issue of boundaries and of the travelers, as exhibited in his show "off track: the nomad " (2006/2007). In The Mediterranean, deepened their relationship with geography, the history of art and photography in poetic cutouts of reality. Kossoy already held an exhibition "Un 4-Common Places in Brooklyn"(2004), "Off track: the nomad " (Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil – São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro – 2006/2007), "Spains" (Cultural Center of the National Assembly – 2007) and the press conference "Where the water Meets the land" (2009/2011) -next to Fernando Azevedo and Carol Armstrong -, presented at the Masp in Sao Paulo, in the Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, Clóvis Salgado Foundation in Belo Horizonte, in the Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Curitiba and in Eleven Windows in Bethlehem. In 2012, at the invitation of the curator and sculptor Niaz Ahmad, part of the exhibition "the seduction of Marilyn Monroe", the Museum Afro Brazil.


Fernando Azevedo is a photographer and independent curator. Born in Rio de Janeiro, It is based in Brooklyn, in New York, where he runs his A/STUDIO. Master's degree in arts at Pratt Institute, NY, and a master's degree in art history at the Graduate Center of The City University of New York. His work was displayed, among other places, at the Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid; MASP, São Paulo; Pinacoteca de Sao Paulo; Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Rio and São Paulo; at Fundação Clóvis Salgado, Belo Horizonte; Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Curitiba; and Casa das Onze Janelas, Bethlehem. Currently writes his doctoral thesis about photography, literature and art in relation to the movement "Ocupy Wall Street" in the Literature Department, Culture and Contemporaneity of the PUC-Rio.

ONLY YOU – exhibition with about of 140 Photos, installations and videos by photographer Leonardo Kossoy
Curated by Fernando Azevedo
Centro Cultural Correios River
Visitors until 8 May 2016
From Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 7:00 pm
Free entry
Rua Visconde de Itaboraí, 20 (Corredor Cultural – Center)
Phone: 21 2253-1580
Censorship: recommended for people over 14 years
Access to handicapped people
Subway: Uruguaiana

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