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Stops exhibition A Place No – David Almeida

Opening: 27 April, from 10.30 to 15.30 in the House Gallery Image.

The House Gallery Image opens, on 27 April, 10:30 am, the exhibition "A Stops Nowhere", the brasiliense artist based in São Paulo, David Almeida. The display will have about 20 paintings of different sizes, from work carried out in large formats, 180 x 180 cm, even small measuring works 20 x 25 cm.

If landscapes are spatial portions picked through a glance, those built by David Almeida invariably huddled toward the simpler features, for routine facts that surround us, for appearing without role, these are rooted in distinctly urban environments or not. Through its optical, Simple does not waive its original condition, however, intriguing is provided with a charm, own the extraordinary nature. The grace that comes off of your images is linked to the way the artist articulates the relationship between the absence and presence, another essential feature of his painting; in the works, befalls the presence of a human who never sets visible, it appears as if lurking, waiting for the invitation from our memories, our imagination, to put in scene.

Exhibition: A stops Nowhere | David Almeida
Opening: 27 April, Saturday, from 10h30 to 15h30
Local: Gallery House Image Dr Street. Faivre, 591, Curitiba Centro
Visitation: Monday to Friday from 13h to 18h30. Saturdays from 10 am to 13:30 pm.
Phone:​ ​(41) 3598 – 9631
Instagram:​ casadaimagem.galeria
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Casa-da-Imagem-1125237140987766/


About the artist

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David Almeida

Brasiliense based in São Paulo, David Almeida graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Brasilia. awarded in 2013 the 12th Art Salon of Jataí, in 2014 the 20th Salon Art Anapolino and again in Jataí in the 14th Salon of Art in Jataí 2015, He participated in group exhibitions such as "Brazil: work and friendship ", Pivot in Space, in São Paulo, and 20 - Painting and Pictorialidade in Brasilia 2000/2014, in Cultural Marcantonio Vilaca, "Ondeandaaonda I and II", at the National Museum of the Republic, "Scapeland - of Transito Free Territory", in Latin American Memorial. In 2015, held individual sample About inhabit the invisible, Reference in the Art Gallery in Brasilia, after participating in the Residence FAAP, in São Paulo. Held curatorial projects such as group exhibition "Muddy Narratives", We read in the Orlando Gallery - Belo Horizonte. He participated in prizes as 1st Master Salon D'Armas - Planaltina, Overflows Brasilia - Contemporary Art Award and most recently was awarded first place in the I Prize Vera Brant Contemporary Art. In 2016, held residence at the Cultural Center Elephant which held the exhibition "Be-ness Rift", latest individual curated by Ana Roman. In 2018 It was nominated for the first time Pipa Award and held the first individual in São Paulo Zipper Gallery and also exposes for the first time in Rio de Janeiro with individual Thrall Mul.Ti.Plo Space Art.

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