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Exhibition "Who saw you, who sees you ", flyer digital. Disclosure.

Exhibition “Who saw you, who sees you” premiere in August in Room Leila Diniz

The 50 selected works in Caricatures Contest will be exhibited

On August 1, Culture Room Leila Diniz starts exposure “Who saw you, who sees you”. promoted 2016 the Musical Memory Institute Brazilian (IMMuB) Caricatures the National Contest of Chico Buarque selected 50 copyright works that presented different views of the acclaimed composer. The competition - all done online for free – brought together professionals from all regions of the country. In the show the Brazilian humor drawing combines the characteristics of various aspects.

Until the day 30 the same month, They will be exhibited within the works selected in the competition and will bring more 4 works done by the curator, Ze Roberto Graúna, and jurors Eduardo Baptistão, Cássio Leradano and Bruno Liberati. The project aims to honor one of the leading artists of Brazilian music, Chico Buarque, encouraging authentic and creative works from a language fun for all ages.

About a Cultural Hall

As a tribute to the actress Leila Diniz, Cultural Center was created by the Official Press of the State of Rio de Janeiro in 2011. The space gives the opportunity, mainly, new artists to bring their work to the public, who, on the other hand, It has free access to exhibitions, plays and concerts.

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Exhibition Who saw you, who sees you
Date: 01/08 to 30/08
Time: Das 10h às 17h
Address: Culture room Leila Diniz, Rua Heitor Carrilho, 81 - Niterói Center
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