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Exhibition Second Nature, to Wander Rao, happens in the shared Creation Center

Uniting theater and Visual Arts, the Shared Centre of Creation receives from the day 12 July, the exhibition SECOND NATURE, the artist Wander Rao. In shows, will be exposed 30 theatrical masks, In addition to a table representing the Studio of Wander with mold and die, showing the creative process of the artist.

Among the exhibited masks in SECOND nature are those of commedie dell'Arte, the neutral French Jacques Lecoq, the Japanese Noh theatre and the expressive. To Wander Rao, the use of the mask as a symbol of the theatre is an allusion to the two main genres that emerged in Ancient Greece: tragedy and comedy. "The first was themes of human nature and to the control of the gods about the fate of men, While the last functioned as an instrument of criticism of Athenian society and politics ", explains the artist.

Exposição Segunda Natureza, de Wander Rodrigues. Foto: Divulgação.

Exhibition Second Nature, to Wander Rao. Photo: Disclosure.

In its formation, Wander Rao has built a career as a producer, set designer and visual artist. "Research with the language of the larvárias masks, came to enlarge the Repertoire of artistic and cultural knowledge, because the theater encourages this critical thinking as an artistic language that enables us to use in different spheres: dramaturgy, performance, sound, lighting, scenography, direction, production, to name a few ", He says.

Social masks

The survey of theatrical masks assumed an important role in the work of Wander Rao, because it is an artistic and pedagogical tool that works as an element to meet different stories, cultures and to promote the understanding of yourself and the other. The artist explains: "In a way, We are moving through the universe of ' social masks ' in name recognition and admiration in everyday living. Daily surrender to reviews that often disagree and complain on the sly without proposing a different viewpoint, that including, could be better than the standards obeyed. "

Societies are full of metaphorical or actual masks. Every mask tells a story. Masks are made of delicate layers. The show SECOND NATURE calls for these and other reflections.

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For script:

SECOND NATURE -Opening day 12 July, Tuesday, to 20 hours, in the shared Creation Center. Artist -Wander Rao. By 12 August. From Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 10:00 pm and Saturday, Sunday and holiday, of the 12:00 am 5:00 pm. FREE.

SHARED CENTRE OF CREATION -James Holland Street, 57 -Barra Funda. Phone – (11) 3392-7485. www.centrocompartilhadodecriacao.com

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