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Fotografia de Herbert Zampier. Disclosure.

CROSSING exposure Herbert Zampier

Curated by Luciane Valencia

Do not just live, it takes experience. expand ties, will deliver. To believe, love, desamar and start.

Herbert Zampier. Foto: Divulgação.

Herbert Zampier. Photo: Disclosure.

If you allow each step of the Crossing, as a state transition soul, delivery from one place to another, in constant search of discovery. The uncertainty only boost the depth of experience it in a more intense, trying to reach the desired destination on the porch of our dreams.

Herbert Zampier invites us, and leads, to reflect with captive scenes captured briefly timeless, under a dreamy look that folds in symbolism.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, HZ found on the photo the welcome chance to experience the freedom of thought. Visual Art enthusiast and admirer of artistic photography, records the issues transcending the ordinary, to reflect on the visual production, his peculiar understanding of the world, which makes the insertion of emotion and expression attached to them.

The way HZ works the contrast reveals the intimacy and complete control it has on the color palette, the toasting and leading to realize, in each instant record, his only movement. His photographs inspire us and challenge to create stories, traveling for the photographer looking company on poetic images, a singular plastic beauty.

Crossing makes this link between the sky and the sea, through the presence of man and the awakening of our senses.

Photo Exhibition “Crossing” Herbert Zampier
Curated by Luciane Valencia
caja Café – Sofitel Ipanema
Visitation: from 4 to 30 April, every day from 8 am to 20h.
Address: Av. Vieira Souto, 460 – Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro
Free Entry – Pg


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