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Work Flag Cecilia Cipriano. Photo: Disclosure.

Exhibition “turbulence” by artist Cecilia Cipriano

The ruins of the park opens on 24 February the 4th edition of Passage Project, curated by Gabriela Dottori, bringing the exhibition "Turbulence" Cecilia Cipriano. The exhibition includes an installation and presentation of works titled Immobility II and Turbulence (I and II), as well as record videos of a performance intervention called Appeal to Sal (which consisted of action spread over a ton of rock salt on the steps of City Hall of Rio de Janeiro). The aesthetics of the artist's work has something of the sculptural order.

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Cecilia operates through site specifics always seeking to interfere in physical and symbolic way in the concrete of the polis. Through its extensive research and active presence at events it captures concussions, the noise and the mass saturation. This series of works seeks to identify the (im)opportunities for dialogue with political actors. In the words of the same: "These works have also expanded my dialogue with the federation, whose greatest symbol, national flag, and also the territorial map were transformed by the action of salt ".


Cecilia Cipriano lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. His artistic career has undergone a university career as Professor and Researcher at the UFRJ Chemistry Institute, always sensitive to the aesthetic qualities of scientific and industrial images. His most effective approach to art was through courses at the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage and, It narrowed even more when he became a student of Visual Arts / Sculpture at the School of Fine Arts of the UFRJ, in 2012. When Charlemagne was crowned by the Pope Leo III 2017, It held three exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro. your project, and consequent exposure, "The Court" was awarded by the Itaú Cultural Directions Program 2015 and was curated by Ana Hupe.


Gabriela Dottori graduated in Psychology at UFRJ is a psychoanalyst, He participated as a student in various courses at the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage and acts as curator and independent critic.


The Passage Project aims to promote monthly exhibitions of contemporary art at the Municipal Cultural Center Ruins Park, more specifically in the place known as Gallery Tunnel. The proposal is to invite artists to consolidate an ethical and aesthetic occupation of space causing its activation. It is expanding non-traditional exhibition platforms by the desire to awaken contacts, connections and emotions through poetic transit made by this passage.

Passage project – 4th edition
Solo exhibition: turbulence
Cecilia artist Cipriano
Curated By: Gabriela Doctors
Opening: 24 February, Saturday, the 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Exhibition period: 25 February to 25 March 2018, Tuesdays to Sundays 10am to 18h
Local: Municipal Cultural Center Park of Ruins
Address: Street Murtinho Nobre, 169 – Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20241-050
Phones: (21) 2215-0621 | (21) 2224-3922
visitation free
More info: projetopassagemnasruinas@gmail.com



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