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The series Look modes, Interference of engraving Jean-Baptiste Debret. Isabel Löfgren and Patricia Gouvea, 2016. Disclosure.
The series Look modes, Interference of engraving Jean-Baptiste Debret. Isabel Löfgren and Patricia Gouvea, 2016. Disclosure.

The exhibition Visual Arts Occupation notice 2017 the FCS

Luis Corrêa Lima-Gallery Black Mom, of Isabel Löfgren and Patricia Gouvea

Period: 12 of May to 13 August

Local: Palace of Arts

Address: Av. Afonso Pena, 1537 - Center

Free entrance

Information for the public: (31) 3236-7400

Advertising: Banner Luiz Carlos de Andrade Lima

In May the Clóvis Salgado Foundation of Belo Horizonte, Opens the exhibitions of the artists selected by the Announcement of Visual Arts Occupation of FCS, reaching the 10th Edition in 2017. Among them is Black Mom of artists and researchers in Rio Isabel Löfgren and Patricia Gouvêa (Black Mom).

This design was chosen by draw the attention of the rescue of the role of black women in the history of the country; and the current socio-political climate of the American continent.


  • Black Mom, of Isabel Löfgren and Patricia Gouvea – (RJ)

Luis Corrêa Lima Gallery

Seeking to unveil the importance of black women to the brazilian social formation, the researchers and artists Isabel Löfgren and Patricia Gouvea organized the exhibition Black Mom, that ressignifica files from the period of slavery to tell another side of the story, in which black slaves are protagonists. "It is a proposal to revisit the files of slavery, very well known and seen, but depending on how they are presented, may suggest interpretations on the surface complex relationships of enslaved mothers compared to white children of their masters and the struggle for maintaining the life of their own children ", explains Patricia Gouvea.

For the artists, the exhibition highlights one of the most painful stories of humanity: the Black mothers, the love of milk generated by slavery out of necessity of breast milk, imprenscindivel food for the survival of babies of Casa Grande. Whilst this need generated affectionate relations between the white and the black babies love, for other deprived the contact mothers and zeal to their own children. The exhibition Black Mom come to dedicate your look, as a matter of priority, Black mothers and their relationships with their children with blood, but also to the relationship between the amas and the white children of Lords.

Divided into eight series exposure has facilities, collages and interventions in prints and photographs of important names like Marc Ferrez, Debret, Rugendas, Henschel, Guillobel and Zarife, artists and pioneers of photography. Each of these search cutouts a ressignification of the manner in which the black woman was, the m, represented in society and shows that the story is nothing more than a construction, made by those who hold power.

According to Patricia Gouvea, the exhibition is a movement to get the reflection of dramatic reality form, and delicate, on a question hidden in society: the situation of black women's mothers. "Neither I nor Isabel are black, then, We don't have and never will suffer the same experience of racism and violence that black women. But our experience with motherhood in a little. As artists and human beings, We can use this prerogative to speak of these matters ".

Unprecedented in Belo Horizonte, the show comes to occupy a space quite different from your first view in Rio de Janeiro, no Search Institute and Black Memory New, in the archaeological site of the Black Cemetery New, where thousands of Africans were buried to the ground in the 19th century. "In the Palace of Arts, a new environment, the exhibition must take new ares, have a different dimension. It will be very interesting to see how it affects the public ", says Patricia Gouvea.

Contact of artists in Rio de Janeiro:

Eli Rocha
Tels: 21 2547 4953 / 21 991794763

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