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Virtual Exhibition “Antess do Fim” by artist Ju Yao

CAW Curatorship

Artista Ju Yao

Works built with the internal isolation of others and the isolation of all with photography, audiovisual installations and verses.

The world has isolated itself, moved away, has disconnected and even from afar has joined those who need it most. Not because of the pandemic, but because of something that already exists and is not cultivated. A hand wash soap, an alcohol to cleanse the skin and food to stay alive, even not having yet donated, even having shared and even suffering spoke.

Everyone surrendered to the arts so as not to go crazy with the monotonous life and the most petrified hearts flourished to the movement of good. We already know that, however it is not performed.

People were isolated in the world itself, thinking only about what suits, what benefits you and what evolves, not as a person but as a hierarchy, where it's best to be at the top without thinking about who's on the side.

So, if internal isolation was needed to face social isolation so that each one could see how important it is who is around us, showing that everyone needs to be well so that we too can be well.

Artist Ju Yao transfers the pain of isolation to the external, substantively conjugating the talk before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Only with pain can people change, cut, transform. Why will it remain only in the question, because the answer just feeling.

Using his spaces of isolation and metaphors, the Artist creates virtual works.

Coincidence or not, works in contemporary format started in October last year, talking about internal isolation and continues until the end of social isolation for a greater reflection on what we are doing with our lives and the lives of others, before the end.

October / 2019 – June / 2020.
Local: Instagram @antessdofim
Youtube: youtu.be/1VBw4-wNuu4


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