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Virtual Exhibition Plastic Artist Alexandre De Paula

Alexandre De Paula é Artista Plástico.

Alexandre De Paula is a Visual Artist.

Period of the Exhibition: 16 May 2014 to 25 th November of 2014.


Born in Sao Paulo Capital where he graduated in Design of Advertising, served as Finalist Illustrator and Art of Advertising Agencies.

At the end of the decade 80 begins his works as Visual Artist, acting in different styles coming to Abstraction in the year 1989 with more than 195 Artworks in this style. Main Activities: Illustration, Fine Arts and Aerography.

The artist completed in the year 2014 – 25 years of ABSTRACTIONISM.

Director and Professor No Atelier Studio Halftone in Curitiba where you live.

“Stands in the panorama of plastic arts, as a dedicated researcher and producer in his own expression. In this relentless pursuit, is that it gives rise, between his desire for clean colors, effects of depth and light itself, that arise through lush gestural forms, the constant themes of his works.” [+]…



São Paulo – São Paulo
Instagram | Website

Gallery of Website Works of Art
E-mail: alexandreartistaplastico@hotmail.com




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