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Virtual Exhibition Plastic Artist Alfredo Lima

Alfredo Lima é Artista Plástico.

Alfredo Lima is a Visual Artist.

Period of the Exhibition: 26 September 2013 to 19 February 2014.


For more than a decade has produced sculptural pieces for advertising acquiring a serie of technical skills and knowledge of raw material which today employs in his works. In the late 90, parallel to this work, begins to create pieces without the functional purpose of the design, but with only aesthetic forms, beginning a long process of research for materials, forms and trends.

Worried about sustainability, begins to develop projects from the re-use of building materials, as paper, sand, iron and demolition wood. From there, mix the recycled Pet resin and pigments to reach the desired texture, getting a result where the plastic memory is quite evident creating it own style.

"With these organic forms I want to draw attention to the nature, in this destructive process of evolution, will end only existing in another form of visual art - the photography " - Alfredo Lima



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E-mail: atelier@alfredolima.com

Tel.: + 55 88 9665-6841 / 9491-8977 / 8836-6510


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