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Virtual exhibition by Lúcia Russo on the website of Contemporâneos Galeria de Arte

The INDISCRETE WINDOW series by the Rio de Janeiro artist Lúcia Russo, is on display on the website of Contemporary Art Gallery until 31 August.

During a pandemic, to artist naturally observant, brought to us, scenes from neighboring windows, real or imaginary. They all speak of the indiscreet and often erotic intimacy of contemporary women. A trait that Lucia, carries as a feature in your work, to bring this intimacy without shame, as something natural, free from judgment or social barriers.

Contemplating Lúcia Russo's work is rediscovering the naked female body, stripped of flesh and revealed in spiritual essence.

Lu Valença
healer and mentor

Check out the exhibition at contemporaneosgaleria.com

A little about Lucia Russo:

Lucia Russo is from Rio de Janeiro, graduated in Business Administration, by PUC-RJ.

The interest in drawing and writing dates back to childhood. As a child he wrote short stories and illustrated them with his drawings, creating your own history books.

Later on, to see your mother painting on porcelain, I wanted to try colors, paints and brushes. He discovered painting and it was breathtaking, was what was missing. Did drawing and painting courses , in Rio and São Paulo. Oil painting became his great passion.

Currently, your work portrays loneliness, everyday scenes and urban settings, and is influenced by the work of the painter, American graphic artist and illustrator, Edward Hopper, known for his paintings of representations of solitude.

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