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Camila Soato, Clipboard. Photo: Disclosure.
Camila Soato, Clipboard. Photo: Disclosure.

Virtual exhibition ‘Desmanche’ gathers unpublished national works made under different techniques

The public can visit the exhibition starting TODAY on the website of the Centro Cultural Vale Maranhão, and check out what artists are producing in this pandemic moment

Since today, Tuesday, day 20, the Vale Maranhão Cultural Center – CCVM opens the collective exhibition to virtual visitation ‘Dismantle’, with 33 works by Brazilian artists selected through the Ocupa CCVM public notice 2020/2021. The exhibition is comprised of works from different artistic languages, among them, drawing, painting, video, installation, video-performance and photography. The curatorship of ‘Desmanche’ was carried out by Gabriel Gutierrez, director and artistic coordinator of CCVM, and has as main thread the main difference of humanity when compared to the animal world, which is the ability to build, manufacture, to produce, create, deconstruct, recycle and reinvent.

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The word Desmanche was chosen as a title because of its meaning: “Joystick” in Latin means “that you can hold with your hands”. In contrast, the word altogether has a sense of action and movement, and comes very close to the idea of ​​desecration. The exhibition brings as a synthesis for this reflection the dismantling of cars, inviting critical thinking about the current crisis scenario. On the other hand, the outlook is optimistic. The possibility of disassembling, breaches are created for the re-creation of things.

The brasiliense artist Camila Soato, winner of several awards, as the PIPA for Best Exposure in 2013, and cited with praise for its originality in texts by the national contemporary art critic, takes some of his successful oil paintings on canvas to ‘Desmanche’. The works form the ‘Arregaça project: the myth of being peaceful ’, that was created in partnership with its production company, Gabriela Rodrigues. It has as its guiding thread a desire to record the history of both, through the lens of their experiences as women. “In a debauched and mocking way, I propose a game with appropriate images from the internet along with homemade photographs taken by me in somewhat unusual situations. We try to show a story differently from what was made invisible by the hegemonic and patriarchal androcentric context in which we are immersed ”, explains the artist. With the project, Camila opens a reflection on issues involving micropolitics, sexuality, identity, gender and historical hegemony.

The baiana Ieda Oliveira, artist winning the FUNARTE Visual Arts award, in 2018, presents ‘Nest of Snakes’, interactive installation made of fabric and synthetic leather. According to the artist, this work, as well as the other two that you will present at the exhibition (‘Falsa Stone’ and ‘Head in the Clouds’), “Supports materials and objects for everyday use, as the source of a visual poetic construction, where the connections between image-word create its generating axis ”.

The maranhense Wolf Sales, in its third approval in the Ocupa CCVM notice, will present works that include photography and video, created by the artist in 2020. The material was built from fragments of intimate narratives already during the period of social isolation. The creation of the poetics was carried out on the site of his parents, where Wilka is temporarily living. “From this return (to parents' house), several collective family memories started to emerge. A pandemic, in this sense, emerged as a crossing, as an incident in my creations, but I decided to continue with pre-production in an initially solitary process, since in some works this dive itself is an outcrop ”, tells the artist. About developing art in the pandemic, Wilka says it is adversity. “My biggest challenge was the time and distance caused by the pandemic, having to build the material with the available and improvised tools, in addition to a team reduced to an illuminator and an editor ”.

The ‘TRAP’ installation, created by the artist from Maranhão invited to the edition, Marcos Ferreira, is another highlight of the exhibition. Through the colors, the viewer is invited to interact with the work, feeling attracted to her. Marcos created ‘TRAP’ amid the pandemic, taking advantage of the free time he spent improving the crochet technique. “Crochet made it possible to see time in a different way, can, even if minimally, disconnect from the outside and open your head to learn even more about the technique ”, explains the artist. The virtual exhibition of the work is seen as positive by Marcos. “The Occupy CCVM makes it possible to exhibit my work nationally and is a way of promoting local artistic creation as well., giving visibility and enabling new accesses, in addition to stimulating the development and the way of rethinking and experimenting with new techniques and materials ”.
Other artists participating in ‘Desmanche’ are: Paulo Desana, Junior Suci, Tales Frey, João Almeida, John Angelini, Marcelo Muniz and Cadós Sanchez.

What: Virtual collective exhibition 'Desmanche'
When: From 20 April 2021
Where: www.ccv-ma.org.br


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