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Digital Virtual Exhibition and oils on canvas by Carlos Zemek

Carlos Zemek é Curador e Artista Plástico.

Carlos Zemek is Curator and artist.

Carlos Zemek

Like drawing and painting since childhood. Always used his drawings to express your emotions stronger as your dreams, desires and even your nightmares.

He started painting with oil on canvas 1994 and, while as a technician in Data Processing, expressing his designs creating the Digital Shape Design of Sites, Blogs, Folders and Posters.

Through drawing and painting can express everything that could never be translated or encoded in words. — Cazemek

Digital Art:

Oils on canvas:

Texts that accompany some works:

The Nebulous – Oil on Canvas in Size 30 × 40 cm. Inspired in his studies of astronomy and satellite images. When a Star reaches the end of it life, explodes into a Super Nova, leaves behind a giant cloud of gas, the gravity joins this gas again giving rise to one or more stars, points of solid matter arise amid Nebula and like they are more dense they attract each time more gas increasing rapidly their size, forming Stars, Planets, Broad, Comets and Asteroids.

Peruvian Coast – In Dimensions 16×22 cm in Oil on Canvas. Inspirou-se em sua visita a Lima no Peru, this work shows the Andes always covered in clouds, and the meeting of the mountains to the Pacific Ocean. A landscape of breathtaking!

Colors of the Andes – Oil on Canvas in Size 16×20 cm. Inspirou-se em suas Viagens pelos Andes, at Sunset, Heaven Becomes A Show of Colors.

Life on Andes – In Dimensions 20 × 25 cm in Oil on Canvas. Inspirou-se em suas viagens pelos Andes. Find houses made of stone lost in the middle of nowhere is something common in the Andes. Survival is possible in the desert thanks to accumulated ice in the mountains.

Dreaming with a Distant Planet – Oil on Canvas in Size 40×70 cm. Inspirou-se em um sonho. I walked across the surface of a planet somewhere far away in our galaxy. The planet was all covered with small black and round stones, composed of hematite (iron ore), liquid methane flowed across the surface forming beautiful lakes that moved as if they had life of its own. The clouds were very intense blue color and seemed almost static, as if time itself flowed very slowly in that place.

Inca Window – In Dimensions 80 × 100 cm in Oil on Canvas. Inspirou-se em suas viagens a Machu Picchu. This is the image that can be seen at sunset from inside several Inca buildings, between the border of Peru and Bolivia up a bit before coming to Cusco and Machu Picchu where the mountains have more vegetation.

An Eye on the Universe – In Dimensions 20 × 20 cm in Oil on Canvas. The light and the colors produced by a Super-Nova, a star reaches the end of his life. Work Sold.

Sunrise at Machu Picchu – Oil on Canvas in Size 50 × 50 cm. Inspirou-se em uma de suas visitas a Machu Picchu logo após o amanhecer, this time the vegetation in the mountains acquires a bluish tinge and sky tones of violet and purple.

The Andes and the Sea – On Dimensions 20 × 40 cm in Oil on Canvas. Inspirou-se em suas Viagens a Machu Picchu no Peru.Sobrevoando os Andes com destino a Lima, the most striking image was the meeting of the Andes to the Pacific Ocean.

The Prohibited Plain – Oil on Canvas in Dimensions 40 × 40 cm. Was inspired in a dream where every time I tried to cross the plain giant worms appeared and prevent your passage.

Sunset in the Andes – In Dimensions 18×24 cm in Oil on Canvas. In this canvas, Carlos was inspired in his travels to Machu Picchu. “É uma imagem difícil de esquecer que chega a parar a respiração, view the sunset surrounded by mountains on all sides. "

Southern DuskÓleo sobre Tela nas Dimensões 20×30 cm. Inspired images of documentaries that show the evening at the South Pole, where the mountains and ice become his own black clouds, a magical moment where the sky Gets an intense yellow and the Sun becomes a bright circle among the clouds. At the poles of our planet the sun set is a beautiful show of color that lasts weeks, and when it ends to put, the Sun and light will only be seen again in 6 months.

On the other side of the Galaxy – Oil on canvas on dimensions 40 × 20 cm. Inspired in his studies of satellite photos, Documentaries and computer Simulations. This canvas shows a distant Solar System with a red star and his bow of Magnetic Reconnection, a Gaseous Planet and its clouds that form lines along the planet due to strong winds in the upper atmosphere, and the bottom two different Nebulae, one being light and the other dark.

Awakening of Consciousness – In Dimensions 30 × 20 cm in oil on canvas. Theme: It is an interpretation made in magic symbols, telling the story from the creation of the universe to the present day. At the top of the frame in blue color have different tracks representing the temporal periods of our evolution. The triangle on the left represents the three basic forces of the universe, time, space and matter, even before the manifestation of the same. The oval symbol in black with the four lines that expand represents the Big Bang itself , the creation of our universe and the joint action of the three basic forces composing the galaxies, stars and planets. The green circle that touches the timeline slightly deforming their shape represents our universe as it is today. The symbol that looks like an inverted or drop a lamp represents the awakening of the conscious mind which, together with the lower part of the frame in blue color as the head of a human figure. In the center of the frame in green have the internal manifestation of the universe. On the left we have the symbol of the Sun that emanates energy in all directions creating independent energy cells allowing life in the material world. On the right side we have the symbol of Saturn the Regent of action and reaction, that represents the awareness about our actions and the consequences they bring to the physical world allowing a reorganization of our environment. And at the bottom of the frame in blue have the representation of the various worlds and universes in which the human mind can manifest itself forming the body of a human figure, and there is the side of a closed hand, representing the result of the taking of consciousness, that we have a unique ability to use numerous tools and instruments with the most varied purposes. Work Sold!

Eternal LifeEm um Óleo sobre Tela nas dimensões 60×50 cm. Inspired by the Celtic philosophy, where the tree represents the feminine side, able to create, to give rise to a new life.

The Guardian of the Underworld – Oil on Canvas in Size 30 × 30 cm. Theme: As Carlos, in most cultures, the Underworld refers to a neutral or dystopian realm of the afterlife, instead of a paradise. Many imagine the underworld as a parallel dimension, sometimes even devoid of matter, being a dimension of mind where all souls go after death, for others the Underworld is Limbo, a place where troubled souls await completion of some of the living world, a break before going your way and merge their minds to the Cosmos. Many legends tell of people possessing a pure mind and with high understanding of the universe, would be protected by the Guardian, thus never intersect the gates of the Underworld out of your appointment, making it virtually immortal, had a sheltered life and quiet, grow old and die naturally. The guardian of the Underworld is being responsible for the control, protecting the border between two worlds, preventing lost souls come to the living world, or the living for some reason will stop the underworld, symbolizing the boundary between life and death.

The Dance of Stellar Magnetism – In Dimensions 40 × 20 cm in Oil on Canvas. Inspirou-se em suas pesquisas sobre imagens de satélite e simulações por computador. This canvas shows the hot gases of a nebula that due to gravitational collapse gave rise to the birth of a star, represented in shades of purple, and after its formation the star is expelled of nebula which was created, and in it output path moves the gases with its gigantic magnetic field forming spirals of light years that are interwoven in space. Work Sold.

The Sea of ​​Clouds – Oil on Canvas in Size 70 × 150 cm. Theme: A common sight at dusk in the andes, the bottom of the valley is covered by clouds that seem to drip from the mountains.

In An Alien Sea – In Dimensions 40 × 20 cm in Oil on Canvas. Inspirou-se em um sonho. — Cazemek: I find myself standing out on the edge of a cliff, know that I am not on earth because the sky is orange. I do not understand well what happens but I fall off the cliff into the sea, a sea of ​​green and blue waters as if they have different densities and not to mix between them. Swimming trying to reach the surface, when there is a dolphin that gives laps around me, and notice that along with the dolphin is a whale that seems to camouflage with the background. Despite being a short dream, was wonderful, deserving to be expressed in a canvas.

The Guardian of the Cave – Oil on Canvas in Size 80 × 100 cm. Inspirou-se em um Sonho. Walking among the mountains, I have the feeling of being lost in the Andes. See the entrance to a cave that emits colored lights, and as I approached the entrance and look inside and realize bright colored lines that dance through the walls of the cave, where a figure carved in stone seems to move and come to life itself. I have the distinct feeling that he is waking up, reacting to my presence. The eyes and head image light up and his body seems to come off the wall. I run quickly away, As I walk away and the lights will cave stopping moving and erasing slowly.

The tree-Tarot card Gypsy – In Dimensions 30 × 20 cm in oil on canvas. Theme: The Tree, is the letter Number 5 of Gypsy Tarot. As the element that represents, demonstrates fertility and permanent manifestation of life, also the strength and vitality that exists in each, even isolated tree lives because it has everything it need.

Tree of Life – Oil on Canvas in Dimensions 30 × 20 cm. Carlos was based in Celtic Mythology, The TREE OF LIFE is a symbol also present in some aspects of Wicca known as Cosmic Seed. Represents the vital energy that emanates from the Cosmos, of the Galaxies and Stars in a continuous movement in all directions, thus setting the boundaries of time and space.

The Flower of Eternity Dimensões 30×30 cm em Óleo sobre Tela. This work is a reinterpretation of an ancient Celtic symbol, the inner petals are formed by Triquetra that represents the fluidity and continuous motion of the universe, the three outer leaves form a triangle representing the three basic forces of the universe which also creates a constant cycle of creation, transformation and destruction.

Ways of Life Nas Dimensões 80×100 cm desta Tela, Carlos Zemek tells the story of our Galaxy, represented the different ways that give rise to Living Beings in the Universe. In the center of a star image that projects 3 gas very intense beams dividing the canvas in 3 parts. The left is the Nebula, responsible for the appearance of Stars, planets, moons, asteroids and comets. The right is the Black Hole, responsible for gathering the gas, thus forming nebulae and galaxies gave rise and everything within them. And at the bottom we ​​have life already expressed, represented by a planet with trees and plants.

The Astral World – In Dimensions 30 × 20 cm in oil on canvas. Theme: Inspired by the Celtic Philosophy. This canvas represents the astral world with his creative energy of shapes. The astral power is described as a liquid in constant motion, a place capable of shaping the image of own thoughts of those who venture.

Multiple Dimensions – Oil on Canvas in Dimensions 30 × 20 cm. Was inspired by the Celtic philosophy. The canvas shows the life represented by cells, growing up in several parallel dimensions and with different goals and purposes, at the top left in dark violet in the Centre of the three lines is a derivation of the symbol of stability and growth, in the center right in shades of red and yellow is the symbol of health and safety, and between the three lines in dark purple at the bottom left of the picture is the symbol of movement and fluidity.

The Sun-Tarot card Gypsy – In Dimensions 30 × 20 cm in oil on canvas. Theme of the ArtWork: The Sun is the card Number 31 of Gypsy Tarot. This card represents the radiation of all that is most noble and warm, the cosmic love which emits light and heat giving life to all living beings. Represents the love and charity, the concern with the next, the tranquility, patience and faith. This light illuminates our souls and our minds, providing troubleshooting, so we have good ideas and constructive. The scenery from the burning sun means fullness and vital energy, positive and immediate results.

The Five ElementsEm Óleo sobre Tela nas Dimensões 50×50 cm. Was inspired by the Celtic philosophy. The five elements are the basis of many ancient cultures and religions. The elements are: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Mind. For many of the Nordic cultures the mind or spirit is the fifth element able to turn any one of the other four elements, representing the own energy or essence of life. The Pentagram has the same meaning showing lines that intersect and connect the 5 basic elements to shape the universe. While many connect to the pentagram Celts and later the Wicca, in Norse culture, The Pentagram was not a symbol used, and the representation was made by 5 lines that touch each other and even resemble a five-pointed star, as shown in the center of the canvas, or 5 Spirals coming out of the same spot uniting the strength of the elements, often interpreted as the image of a human figure with arms and legs spread.

The Boundary of the Universe Nas Dimensões 40×50 cm em Óleo sobre Tela. Inspired by the photographs taken by the Hubble satellite of the farthest point of the universe, known as the Hubble Deep Field. This canvas depicts the borders of time and space, showing the most distant galaxies in our Universe.

The Twin Four Star – In Oil on Canvas, in Dimensions 25 × 25 cm, Carlos was inspired by his studies of astronomy. This canvas shows the moment of the birth of four stars in the midst of a Nebula, its powerful gravitational and magnetic fields shape the spiral gas while the consume. In the universe the emergence of stars sisters is something quite common, Sun himself must have had at least 1 twin star, but with the passage of time and the gravitational dance, one of the stars and thrown away in the Galaxy.

Movements of the Time and Space Nas Dimensões 25×25 cm, Oil on Canvas. Inspired by his study of Astronomy through Documentaries, This canvas represents the gravitational petals produced by a Black Hole, we see in this picture the formation of a Galaxy in the midst of a cloud of gas. A place where time and space itself are twisted into different shapes as the gravitational waves move in a spiral around the Singularity, creating a drawing of a flower made of time and space. The gravitational Movement help to organize the gas and stars forming the arms of galaxies.


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