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Work of Adriana Ninsk. Photo: Disclosure.

Exposure Adriana Ninsk of Fly and Lu Valencia

all flies.

Friends, lovers, amores.
ideas, thoughts and news.
creations, machines and projects.

Life flies.
fast fly.
Flies dizzying speed who crosses space aboard a floating rock shot in original creator of color explosion, sounds… and worlds.
fast worlds, full of life, voracious exuberance.

Life that we often run over and drag this labyrinth without walls,
Surrounded and permeated by so many lives that share with us this trip.
fast trip, that breaks a day to deliver light to the target is valiant,
With the certainty that everything lives, and flies, but that leaves us with the question…
In which direction you fly, traveler?


Advertising: Banner Luiz Carlos de Andrade Lima

The desire that inspires mankind since its emergence was also the motivation that led Adriana Ninsk and Lu Valencia to intertwine and weave together aspirations, wishes, color and dreams. For the first time in Buzios, the two plastic artists present the exhibition Fly, in Art Gallery 4 from 15 November to 15 of december.

Art gallery 4
Visitation: 15/11 to 15/12 Monday to Saturday from 15h to 20h (the gallery does not work on Tuesday) Sunday of 10 às 14h.
Av. Jose Bento Ribeiro Dantas, nº1000 – Buzios
Information: 22 99902-1904
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