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exhibition 2018 the ARTCOMEXPO by Rosangela Vig

Rosângela Vig é Artista Plástica e Professora de História da Arte.

Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

How beautiful is the sun when it rises laughing,
how explosion, launching Good morning, Sir!
– Happy is he who can with love
Saluting his most glorious afterglow than a dream!
(BAUDELAIRE, 2006, p.170)

Colors can invade spaces, permeate thoughts and ways. The author is a sweet assignment to lead the viewer's gaze, the most beautiful charms of a work and of his own soul. Your hands are the tools and their thinking is the art mentor emerging. And the work should be conducted around the world, It should be shown to all and awaken thoughts, should allow the Belo that enchants more hearts.

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It is to this end that the Artcom EXPO, created in 2012, It is leading artists to many countries, in renowned exhibitions, the galleries and fairs that drive the artist's resume. Participation in such events not only values ​​the work, but also allows the artist to be seen in other countries and possible buyers of their work.

exhibitions, on events and catalogs this year, are countries like Switzerland, Norway and Austria. But the flawless work of curators on events and catalogs focuses not only on the dissemination of Art, but also in the choice of local responsibility and care with the works, each year, in each exposure.



  1. BAUDELAIRE, Charles. As Flores do Mal. São Paulo: Editora Martin Claret, 2006.



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