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Photo of Andrew at Nacli.

André exhibition at Nacli and Milton Boeira enter playing at the Museum of photography

Two new exhibitions occupying the halls of the Museum of photography Curitiba city from next Tuesday (26). The visual artist Milton Boeira inaugurates the exhibition "my Metropolis", with works involving photography, fine arts and installation. The photographer Andre at Nacli presents the exhibition "Post-Post", with works which reveal his interest in geography and architecture.

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In the exhibition "my Metropolis", the artist Milton Boeira makes a mix photographic record of the daily life of Curitiba glued, painted and moulded on a great Panel suspended, urging the public questioning about the function of painting and three-dimensionality on the break the limits of photography. "The artistic reflection invades the social space when I insert a second object in this new exhibition, in the vicinity of the Panel. Give completeness to work above, In conclusion my Metropolis ", says Milton.

The artist does not dissociate art of social criticism. "Since the construction of my last report, I have studied a lot about the situation of the municipal waste accumulation, consumption drops. Are objects of studies that are not innovators in the arts, But what touched me in recent times. I see that not only the art, but the great reflections are also cyclical ", notes. The solo exhibition "my Metropolis" has curated Clotilde Lainscek and Silvio Chrysostom.

Light poles – Curated by Eder Chiodetto, the shows at Nacli brings together photographs of André investigating notions of ownership, displacement and ressignification from the old light poles of Companhia Paranaense de Energia (Copel).

André studied architecture at Nacli and the interest in the area if perpetuated and today reflects in the way he sees the world and realize your photographic work. His field of research is the result of the Union of the architectural world with the natural world. The time, silence, the forces of nature and the works of man are recurring themes in his works.


Exhibitions of the Museum of photography Curitiba city
"My Metropolis", Milton Boeira. Curated by Clotilde Lainscek and Silvio Chrysostom
"Post-Post", Andre at Nacli. Curated by Eder Chiodetto
Local: Museum of photography-Solar do Barão (S. Carlos Cavalcanti, 533)
Opening: 26 th July 2016 (Tuesday), at 19h
Dates and times: By 29 September, from Tuesday to Friday, the 9:00 to 12:00 and 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Free entry.

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