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Exhibitions in the palm

Producer of visual arts, ADUPLA, offers catalogs in involuntary seclusion times

The charm of being immersed amid paintings, sculptures, engravings and installations, as experienced in Museums, Cultural Centers and Art Galleries, It is temporarily suspended because of social confinement imposed by the new coronavirus threat (Covid-19).

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To get around this, producer ADUPLA, specializes in performing visual arts shows all over the country since 1997, He opened a virtual channel through which offers the catalogs of their projects.

25 catalogs of solo and group exhibitions, Brazilian artists and other nationalities, already published on the platform Issuu from the company. An invitation to go different genres and periods of art history.

publications, which were printed and distributed when performing shows, now gain the world and make it a means to promote knowledge and delight in bringing, as content, works pictures, for high quality, as well as texts about the artists and the curatorial line display.

Visitors will find information about the life and work of artists like Ruben Valentin, Athos Bulcão, Farnese de Andrade, Antonio Flag, Rugendas, among other. About group exhibitions are a rich overview of Brazilian modernism, Contemporary Art Angola, the intersections between art and design, and many other.

Among the curators, names like Marcus de Lontra Costa, Angela Ancora da Light, Raphael Fonseca, Bruno Miguel, Michelle Sales, Daniela Labra, Alexandre Sá. The shows, presented in units of Cultural BOX various capitals, BNDES Cultural Center and Cultural Post, succeeded critical and.

Anderson Eleotério, ADUPLA director of Cultural Production, "This social distancing period proponents of culture (artists, producers, writers, musicians, directors etc.) play an important role in helping to keep people at home, offering free art and entertainment content ", believes the producer. And bet: “Connected pass by this pandemic with minimal sobriety – together we are stronger", cries out.

Other catalogs are scheduled to be published and those interested in obtaining a copy of the book, PDF, just write aduplaproducao@gmail.com requesting. virtual address to access the catalogs: issuu.com/andersoneleoterio.

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