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Fabiana Kaled is an artist.

Fabiana Kaled

Fabiana Kaled, at 27 years, Artist and Tec. Interior design, located in the city of serra verde imperial, Guapimirim – RJ Brazil. Began to 14 years devoted to drawing and painting. He studied Interior Design and joined the art and decor in differentiated and sustainable pieces.

Has as theme bring knowledge from the contemporary art, paintings of nature, also endangered animals and exotic plants. Aware of beautiful shape and expressive that is art. The artist's inspiration for the creation of works, comes from the local nature of where he was born and lives.

Contributing to the environment, expresses his art using materials that do not harm nature, as the d ’ acrylic paint water and screens of MDF,(wood known worldwide and ecologically correct).

The materials used to be made the screens, are MDF, wood known worldwide and ecologically correct. Some screens bringing a differential of cutouts on the edges, taking the form of plants and animal silhouettes. All screens in large sizes, with expressive glances animals and plants in large sizes. All screens are painted with water-based acrylic paint, No aggression to the environment.

And among other material to reuse what they saw pieces of decoration, old Windows, cans of old farms, doors of demolition and fragments. Customization of refrigerators, furniture and decorative objects.

Butterfly 88

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Guapimirim – Rio de Janeiro
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