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Fabiano de Abreu gives 5 Tips to have a good old age

The journalist, philosopher, poet and Luso-Brazilian researcher Fabiano de Abreu claims to have a priority in your life what he calls the 'best age'. Creator of several theories that attempt to explain human existence, their behavior and nuances, the author of the book 'Living Can not Be So Bad' writes columns in major human sites in Brazil, Portugal and Angola.

“The elderly do not have to be respected by a simple cultural education policy or duty. The elderly have to be respected for the simple fact that one day we will also be elderly. The elderly have to be respected by the obvious fact that you have more knowledge because of their experience, their cognition. I live my life today, organizing it for a good old age, since it is here that I will rest and leave all the burden I carried in my whole life. The knowledge and the lightness of thought of history that carries an elderly, It is something that is priceless and not size. It is certainly the best age.” Said another writer.

then check out the 5 Abreu Fabiano tips to have a good 'best age'.

1- take care of the body with exercise and good nutrition

Our shape and physical well-being are essential for us to live fully this new phase. A good drive is the first step to a happier old age. For this reason we should care for exercising the body within our strength and ability. low intensity exercises like walking or swimming are good allies. Physical activity should be accompanied by a balanced diet, appropriate to the age and needs.

2- take care of the mind stimulating with new activity, a new course, new learning.

If the body is essential to mind is a key. As the old adage says: “healthy mind in a healthy body”, affected by the fullness balance of body and mind. Our cognitive abilities come into decline but we can halt the process while maintaining constant cognitive exercises. Combine learning a new activity we always wanted to do but never had time hi availability makes the entire journey more pleasurable. Learning a new language, empower us in the areas of new technologies, read, watch movies, smart, write, a whole world of possibilities.

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3- live an active social life doing activities with friends, traveling with them and other programs.

Social life is very important to keep the elderly active and integrated in a social world. Old age should never mean isolation or loneliness. Keep a group of friends and share activities with them is very important to maintain a fuller life, happy and full of sharing. Make a dinner or travel are always excellent choices. Take this stage to know new countries and cultures, unhurried and acquire knowledge. Living a life you do have an interest in effectively live! A life that craves the next day, as a gift, as a new opportunity.

4- adjust their experience private new realities, as a couple rediscover new ways of union and pleasure.

If aging is done in double note that your private life is not over. There are new realities, adjustments to be made, redescobertas, a new phase in love. The couple now have more time to share, discover new ways of union and pleasure, not to deny an intimate blaming age. This phase can be experienced as a new adolescent, living for each other, with each other, taking advantage of the world together, creating memories and making light and serene days. Old age does not mean resignation.

5- acceptance of this new phase and its new steps.

As mudanças que efetivamente acontecem devem ser aceites de mente e coração abertos para que tudo se torne menos pesado. We must face old age as an end but as a new opportunity to live, time to live with quality. Every day should not be seen as one day less but as one more day when they might be, to live, Experience, create, be present in family life. We are at the stage where we should not see as a burden but as a pillar, a foundation, the consolidation of knowledge and experience. We must recognize our importance and position. As they say: age is a gas! We live enough, We survived the trials and difficulties, laughed and cried, we have seen birth and death, overcome the loss and explode with joy on many occasions. we are now, just beautiful, by itself, Heroes merit of a life that we still have a lot to offer!

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