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Fabiano Fernandes

Fabiano Fernandes is Plastic Artist.

Fabiano Fernandes is Plastic Artist.

Fabiano Fernandes

Born in the city of São Gonçalo, in Rio de Janeiro. Training of advertising, Fabiano is connected to art since childhood, when studied drawing and painting 9 at 12 years. His work is a tribute to black women, he always portrays strong colors, vibrant, printing a lot of energy to their work.

Strong colors and the absence of face are peculiarities. "It's for all women recognize themselves, to identify. Are poor or rich, anonymous or famous. Highlight, mainly, the claw of who occupies the last place in the company's scale. There are plenty of black that sustain households, battle too, but do not lose the smile and the will to live. I see in them the good things and I'm happy when I can spend feeling ", explains.

His first solo exhibition entitled "The Four Elements", It happened in September 2015, in Rio de Janeiro.

Media: Jornal do Brazil | Sopa Cultural

The Nega is Earth Daughter and Mother Earth is Flores, Acrylic on canvas from 100 x 100 cm, Price: R$ 650,00

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Sao Goncalo – Rio de Janeiro
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E-mail: fabianodasnegasreal@gmail.com



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