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Installation Laura Freitas. Photo: Disclosure.

“Speak by a thread "

Laura Freitas occupies Candido Portinari Gallery, UERJ.

Installation with videos and 1.200 Crochet blended into fragments suggests eggshells organic forms and soft landscapes.

Exhibition runs from 4 from July to 22 August,
curated by Fernanda Small.

On 4 July, the artist Laura Freitas inaugurates the exhibition "I speak by a thread", in Candido Portinari Gallery, on the campus of UERJ. Laura, that makes use of several types of media in your language, rescues in shows the wires and weave, which for so many centuries occupied a reserved place for women: domestic place. The artist takes this to "feminine" and private into an art gallery, public place. Curated by Fernanda Small, the exhibition runs until 22 August. Admission is free.

Installing Laura Freitas consists of two videos and about 1.200 fragments made with crochet composition eggshells. the plot, concentric circles stand in light phalluses and fragile, forming a soft and delicate environment that awakens a desire by touch. “I speak eggs – empty eggs, fragile eggs. Speaking crocheted webs, holes violated by the moisture of the eye and the tongue. intimate talk, sensations, meetings, exchanges. affection speak. In a large mass of holes, volumes and textures. Speak by a thread ", says the artist, that invites us to think of a more flexible world where rigidity and verticality lose the place of power. For the project, the artist had the voluntary participation of a group of women between 21 and 80 years, who gathered at weekly meetings roping commonalities with each other: wire and speech.

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The work on display refers to the action of artists like Judy Chicago and Myriam Schapiro, who, in 1972, They created the Womanhouse, important art exhibition that featured works of the co-founders of the program, as well as women artists from the local community. that exposure, the use of techniques historically coded under the label of female, craft and, therefore, characterized as lower, They presented themselves as a choice of confrontation policy "some interesting unwritten laws about what is considered appropriate themes and materials to make art", as says Schapiro. The strategic use of the wire while talking is also present in Greek mythology, Penelope, or to control the fate of mortals and determine the course of human life, as the decisive power of the Fates.

Laura Freitas

Lives and works in Niterói, RJ. Graduated in Arts Education, He began his studies at the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage, in 2013, attending courses taught by João Carlos Goldberg, Franz Manata and Iole de Freitas. Between 2004 to 2007, He participated in group exhibitions in spaces of Rio de Janeiro, as the Calouste Gulbenkian Arts Center and the Rosary Bishop Museum, and, in Niterói, where he made his first individual exhibition, cocoons, the room José Cândido de Carvalho. In 2016, exhibited at the Quirino Campofiorito gallery – Cultural Center Paschoal Carlos Magno, in Niterói, with individual (Re)scoop up. In 2017, participated in group at Axis Art virtual gallery and show TILLER, MarciaXClayton in Space (RJ). It also presented the performance Invitation to a red fruit tea, by Axis Art, in Bhering Factory (RJ). In 2018, exhibited in group exhibitions: Art gallery and virtual axis Serendipty, at C. Gallery (RJ).

Fernanda Small

Born in Rio de Janeiro, in 1983, He is associate professor of art history from the Art Institute of the State University of Rio de Janeiro, where he served as exhibition coordinator of the Cultural Department, from 2016 to 2018. It is PhD in Visual Arts at the Post-Graduate School of Visual Arts in Fine Arts at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, with sandwich period at Chelsea College of Arts (University of the Arts), London. Is a member of editorial staff of magazines and art backdrop concinnitas. Author of Lygia Pape and Hélio Oiticica: conversations and poetic frictions (Apicuri, 2013). Acts regularly as curator since 2009. Among his curatorial stand out: Possibilities of contemporary studio (Funarte / EAV Parque Lage, 2009), Long live the Vila Longuinhos! (Museum Murilo La Greca, 2009), image listening (Ibeu, 2011), Play (Museum Bispo do Rosario Contemporary Art, 2013-14), We (Cultural Box, 2016-17), Pressure Cookers also ping (Municipal Art Center Hélio Oiticica, 2017), Stupid (Candido Portinari Gallery, 2018), Image-experience (A Mesa, 2018), among others.

Candido Portinari Gallery

Candido Portinari Gallery is a powerful space of dissemination of visual arts to promote, in its different processes, languages ​​and supports contemporary art, artistic values, educational, symbolic and cultural. Thereby, space presents itself as an important tool of spreading institutional practices, without creating hierarchies between knowledge and practice different, equal opportunity to those who have the arts a project field, actions and thoughts.

Exhibition: I speak from a wire
Artist: Laura Freitas
Curated By: Fernanda Small
Opening: 4 July (Thursday), from 18h to 20h.
Visitation: 5/7 to 22/08/19, from Monday to Friday, from 10 at 19h
Free entry
Local: Candido Portinari Gallery - UERJ (State University of Rio de Janeiro)
End.: Rua Francisco Xavier, 524, Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro – RJ

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