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Two new stores Hiperfarma Network in Fazenda Rio Grande. Disclosure.

Fazenda Rio Grande will have two new units of Hiperfarma

Traditional pharmacy network maintains its expansion strategy with two openings in Fazenda Rio Grande, This weekend.

Who knows Hiperfarma are noticing some changes in traditional pharmacy chain that operates in the states of Parana and Santa Catarina. The visual identity of stores with a more modern look and more vivid colors. The service increasingly human, of course, hyper promotions. Along with all these transformations, the number of stores continues to grow. This weekend two more units will be inaugurated, both in Fazenda Rio Grande, the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba.

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On Saturday, from 9:00, a store 220 square meters will meet in Rio Amazonas Street, number 1412, do Iguaçu neighborhood. The responsible for establishing, Lilian Caroline Dalamarta Pereira says he is very excited about the novelty. With marketing training, Lilian was identified with the strategy of the network, seeking a rapprochement with the customer. "I have a degree in marketing for eight years and my husband, Thiago, it is a pharmacist. We work in the field of pharmacies there 13 years. Our new store will 220 meters and will become part of Hiperfarma Network. We expect to open two more stores soon, Also in Fazenda Rio Grande. " Toothpaste, soap and diaper are some products that will be with special opening offers in street shop Amazon River.

On Sunday, day 08, Also at 9am, It will be the turn of the store in the Trade Center complex Rodo 21. The traditional commercial point of Fazenda Rio Grande, the BR 116, It has restaurant, steak house, hotel and petrol station. From now on it will also have a network store Hiperfarma. One of those responsible, Brunnel Lutfi, account that has been following the evolution of the network for a long time. "My father is already owner of a shop in Fazenda Rio Grande. Our family always had intention to open another store and so I decided to support ", account Brunnel. For this Saturday a lot of special thing was prepared. "We will have many promotions opening: soaps, diapers, razors, hair dyes, shampoos. We hope that the store has a great success. We are working hard for it ", he concludes.

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