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White chili, Fair There Da Serra. Photo: Disclosure.

unprecedented fair brings together products "There da Serra" in the Botanical Garden [RJ]

Carandaí Rua Visconde de becomes collaborative polo in days 10 and 11 November

Food made with love has a special flavor. Food harvested fondly further! In the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, You can find many stories of small producers who dedicate their lives and time to the production of handmade food, family and local. The result is "freshest of fresh" products, descending the mountain to the big city to know the mountain flavors.

Between the days 10 and 11 November, end of week, Casa Fazedoria, in the heart of the Botanical Garden neighborhood, hosts around 30 initiative of exhibitors. According to Alexandre Aragon, founder of "There da Serra", the goal is to bring carefully selected products for the event: "We want to give opportunities to those producers in the mountainous region that often would have no chance to present their products in major centers. This results in healthier options and tasty for visitors and fair trade for producers ", explains Aragon.

All products are natural, originating from the mountainous region, made of the craft as possible. Among them, there will be handmade preserves options (Tomato to suck, Cucumber Relish, ginger and other delicacies), chutneys and jellies, confectionery, sauces and special granola, natural fermentation of breads, fresh products of the season, cheese, beers, mushrooms, cachaças, liqueurs and inlaid. The names already confirmed are Vulpes Sweets, White chili, Flory, Art Preserved, Peter Netto, AN, refueling, Organic Fatima, Favre tree, Amour is the Cogan, Capril Deville, Animall, Mel Green Earth and Earth Fruits.

“Another novelty will be the presence of collectives and cooperatives, who will meet together to send news to customers, as Agrovila Foot On Ground (six family farmers). In addition, There the Sierra will feature a self-service space with selected products and information about those small producers who can not afford to travel to the Rio de Janeiro to personally present their products.”

Region has been polo collaborative actions

The neighborhood, has reference to dictate cultural and artistic trends for decades, It has also house a collective sense of collaboration. The House itself Fazedoria, besides being a coworking, carries out various gastronomic events, crafts and beauty, with small producers. Until the day 11 November, It will be taking place on the same street NaToca House, an exhibition of children's decor and design that brought together architects, designers and decorators for its realization. Restaurants Pure, Lorenzo Bistro, or degree, o Bingo, Ella Pizzeria and Casa Carandaí have become points of captive meeting the region. Me and C. Gallery Sud and the Green Bird, newly inaugurated, sent cover letters to invite the neighbors to know the spaces, which strengthens the sense of community across the region. There the Sierra of the same purpose, with the goal of being a meeting place that brings people together around a healthy initiative, tasty and sustainable.

Service – Fair There Da Serra - Free entrance
Date: 10 and 11 th November of 2018
Time: 11h to 7:00 pm.
Address: house Fazedoria – Rua Visconde de Carandaí, 28
For more information, league: (21) 2529-4745.

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