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Fernando Pessoa


Fernando Pessoa is Plastic Artist.

Fernando Pessoa

I'm from São Paulo capital.

Throughout my life on weekends and holidays have passed on the beach (Ilhabela, Guaruja and Porto de Galinhas) that is always close to the sea, which is my passion.

Another great passion is sport fishing which I am well known in the middle and winning some championships. This ocean fishing season we won the Paulista championship. In recent years I spent one week a year fishing in the Amazon.

I am self-taught, I developed my techniques of painting and sculpture alone. I had the support of a great supporter and master Aldemir Martins and his son Pedro Martins which a great friend and family. Small with 7 He was already elaborate designs.

The thing has evolved in adolescence with a 15 years when I decided to make my first sculptures. I made sculptures to my 24 years when endeavored to draw.

My background is in textiles which worked until 2013, were 23 years in the business. I was a little lost when I decided to end my family business 103 years.

I went back to mount a restaurant that was the other family activity area. I course at Senac saw several restaurants but with our economy entering a recession I gave up.

Last year in June and July I decided to become an artist and chase the lost time. Find your vocation is very difficult. It becomes more difficult when you have other training and will work with the family.

Assume for the whole family and wife you carry out painting, carving and creating, was a complicated task but at the same time liberating.


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