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Festas da Agonia is the subject of a new book by Ígor Lopes

One of Portugal's most famous religious celebrations will now be part of a book. For this, the Portuguese-Brazilian journalist Ígor Lopes announced that he is preparing a book-report on the Festas da Agonia, in Viana do Castelo.

He says that the publication will be aimed at both Brazilians and Portuguese descendants. The illustrations of the work are by designer Mariana Ribeiro. Born in Covilhã, at the foot of Serra da Estrela, she is responsible for the cover and illustrations of the work..

In 250 years of history, the pilgrimage of Agonia is part of the Portuguese religious calendar, receiving visitors from all over the country. Last year, due to pandemic, the celebrations were made in digital format. Remember that the celebrations are held in the month of August.

In the next days, journalist Ígor Lopes will tell you more news about the release of the work. This is his fifth authorial book., who in addition to being a writer also performs the role of social media between Brazil and Portugal.

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