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Holiday Festival Theater Viradalata happens in January

From 11 to 26 de janeiro acontece a 12ª Edição do Holiday Festival Theater Viradalata

In this issue, the CLA. Viradalata present all his repertoire, celebrating 15 years of existence

The January holidays are coming, and with it a special program for small. From 11 to 26 January happens to 12st edition Festival Children's Theater Viradalata. In this edition Cia. Viradalata present all his repertoire, celebrating 15 years of existence. In addition to the repertoire shows, It expects a round of conversation to discuss the direction and importance of theater for children. Part names like Monica Rodrigues da Costa, Beth Azevedo and Antonio Carlos Sartini.

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Founded by Alexandra Golik, Cia Viradalata has in its repertoire 05 children's shows, all with excellence recognized by audiences and critics. Among the productions, They are part Medinho Medão, "Fairy Cocktail", "Viralatas - The Musical", "The 3 Musketeers "and" History of Brazil ", the latter is a finalist for best children's show clapping Award Brazil 2019. "Making Children's Theater is for children to, through the imaginary, understand some of the deeper issues of life such as respect, the friendship, compassion, tolerance, Justice, love, dignity and honesty. ", said Alexandra Golik.

The shows of Cia Viradalata please children and adults, and they have as a major feature of the use of foundations of Physical Theater, besides being closely linked to the comic art and clown.

Check the schedule of 12Th Children's Festival Theater Viradalata:

MEDINHO Medão - Mondays (Days 13 and 20 January - 16H) – https://youtu.be/UKiyJ5U7v8k

The show "Medinho Medão" brings to the stage the story of Rafa, who like many urban boys, suffers from the absence of their parents, who they work hard and are always busy. The world is populated by Rafa fears: lift, ant, from falling out of bed, cheap, noise, to stand alone, from dark, from the bottom, Of fire, of the Cold, math teacher, Monster and even an earthworm. On a day when everyone forgets to pick you up at school, in her lonely wait, Rafa have no cai, and his dream takes you to a different place, where you begin to understand that fear is not a shame. And end it can be a very fun challenge.

Viralatas - THE MUSICAL - Tuesday, Saturdays and Sundays (Days 11, 12, 14, 18, 19, 21, 25 and 26 January - 16H) – https://youtu.be/BHIrzx07gxc

The little dog Fifi gets several "pampering" of his owner and usually walk on trendy Rua Oscar Freire. Although surrounded by all "luxury", always feels very lonely… This scenario becomes stable after their new mutts friends Fifi put in a big trouble, and its owner decides to return it to the Pet Shop. very sorry, colleagues create a plan to rescue the dog and embark on a great adventure. They help to tell the story of the twelve songs signed by Alexandra Golik, Gus Bernard arrangements. The musical has the backdrop of the delicate question of the need for adoption of abandoned animals.

HISTORY OF BRAZIL - Quarter (Days 15 and 22 January - 16H) – https://youtu.be/g_NpkhHR38g

So playful, o espetáculo “A História do Brasil” procura explicar os principais acontecimentos históricos do Brasil, since the arrival of Pedro Alvares Cabral to the present day. The events are treated with light and mood, focusing on the formation of the pillars of Brazilian social structure. Pass the periods Colony, United Kingdom, Empire and Republic, por cada uma das sete Constituições que já vigoraram e pelas algumas das principais mobilizações populares que existiram ao longo de nossa história. A música executada ao vivo permeia o espetáculo, and complete the fun gifts.

COCKTAIL OF FAIRIES - Farms (Days 16 and 23 January - 16H) – https://youtu.be/2Bd6wx8Wu1Y

It all begins when Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Snow White are in the forest, hasty, running back home. Hood was lost when looking for Grandma's house, Cinderella lost because was late to leave the ball, and Snow White lost to escape from the evil witch. desperate, the three characters long run to find the way back when, unexpectedly, lost one of her shoes. Now, besides need to get to the desired location, They know that only will again be presentable to society when recovering the lost shoe and again have a couple.

THE THREE MUSKETEERS - Friday (Days 17 and 24 January - 16H) – https://youtu.be/29h9kzp-or4

Everything happens in France 1625, time of great religious and political upheaval in which King Louis XIII and his counselor, Cardinal Richellieu, They want to keep any cost control of their Protestant compatriots in defense of French interests. In this context, D'Artagnan, a young provincial, leaves his homeland in southern France toward Paris with the intention of becoming a Musketeer faithful King. However, before reaching his goal, many adventures happen. The danger is constant, but to join the musketeers Athos, Porthos e Aramis, D'Artagnan makes even the impossible becomes possible, such is the strength of this union. "One for all and all for one" resume, reliably, some of the great significance of this story: the struggle for power and the vital importance of friendship.

What: 12Th Children's Festival Theater Viradalata
For whom: Children of all ages
Address: apinajé people street, 1387 -Partridges (Parking conveniado Rua Capital Federal, 260) – Phone: 11 3868-2535
Point of sale: Theater box office, Monday to Friday from 14h to 19h, sábados das 14h às 22h e domingos das 14h às 19h. Tickets can also be purchased through the site sympla.com.br
How much: R$ 50,00 (One piece) e R$ 25,00 (Students, elderly, low-income youth, teachers and people with special needs)
* The public can also purchase the Passport, which guarantee entry to honor 05 shows: R$ 80,00
Pay up to 12x on Credit Card via the website sympla.com.br
When: The shows take place from 11 to 26 January 2020, always at 16h – Table Debates on Children's Theater in São Paulo: Day 20 January, at 5:30 pm, also with free admission
Stocking: 240 places
* The theater has signals for blind, elevator and ramps. In the days
More Information: www.viradalata.com.br


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