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Rio Festival 2014 presents documentary feature film Samba & Jazz powder Giselly Azevedo

Rio Festival 2014 presents documentary feature Samba & Jazz por Giselly Azevedo

Drawing a parallel between two cultures and two rhythms, film will be shown in 26 to 28 September in different areas of the festival

Rio Festival 2014 documentary Samba & JazzTwo cities traduzido for its cultural aspects, Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) and New Orleans (United States), are presented in their essences in the documentary feature film Samba & Jazz. Led by Jefferson Mello, The film portrays the authentic artistic expression of people, even separated by geographical boundaries, share a passion for music and popular demonstrations that dictate the pace of these two historic places.

Winner Capital City Black Film Festival, em Austin, no Texas, production exposes the similarities between musical and behavioral aspects of residents of Rio and New Orleans - Music, myths, traditions, knowledge, experiments, inclusion (or marginality) –, portraying both street performers as internationally renowned musicians.

The narrative begins in Rio de Janeiro and highlights the similarities between the samba, born in town, and the jazz culture, leaving in search of answers about the meeting point between the two songs on a trip to a universe of samba, rogues and dancers. Já em New Orleans, landmarks amid the local calendar as Jazz Fest and Mardi Grass, the film investigates the life of Indians, Big Chiefs and all kinds of personas that rich and peculiar world. In essence the Samba & Jazz farms are the roots of Africa, that make possible the understanding of both genres as "brothers of blackness".

Rio Festival 2014 documentary Samba & JazzThe screenings are part of the programming 8Edition of the Festival of the River Festival and place of 26 a 28 September in Cinépolis Lagoon, to Lagoa, with gala performance; Pavilion at the Festival, at the Center (Zona Portuaria), with discussions and open session to popular vote; and film São Luiz, no Flamengo, also open to the public.


Samba & Jazz - Festival of the River 2014

From 26 to 28 September 2014

Rating: Free


Cinépolis Lagoon
Cinemas: 1 a 3
End.: Av. Borges de Medeiros, 1424, Lagoon
Tickets: R$ 20 (entire) e R$ 10 (half price)
Website: www.cinepolis.com.br
Tel.: (21) 3029-2544

Pavilion Festival
End.: Warehouse of Utopia (Warehouse 6) – Rua Rodrigues Alves, s / n - Quayside
Tickets: Free | Distribution of passwords 1 hour before
Website: www.armazemdautopia.com.br
Tel.: Not applicable

Kinoplex São Luiz
Cinemas: 3
End.: Catete Street, 311, Flamengo
Tickets: R$ 20 (entire) e R$ 10 (half price)
Website: www.kinoplex.com.br
Tel.: (21) 2236-5671

Rio Festival 2014 documentary Samba & Jazz

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