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Man. Photo: MF Global Press. authorized use of images (pixabay).

Philosopher points out the necessity of suffering for the improvement of human life

The Abreu Fabiano philosopher believes that suffering is part of life and can be crucial for us to have, paradoxically, better lives

Fabiano de Abreu. Foto: MF Press Global.

Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: MF Global Press.

How many times we think of ways to avoid suffering and pain in our lives? Many. Human beings generally seeks to avoid suffering at all costs, is this physical or emotional pain. For all this medicine points remedies to alleviate or avoid pain, with either analgesics or antidepressants.

The Abreu Fabiano philosopher in his reflections on the theme, says the suffering and pain, and is part of human life and are unavoidable, paradoxically, can actually prepare for better days: “suffering does not beat on our door to put us to the test, he just hits as' things happen’ depending on chance and, we can have more sufferings or not, as well as the happiness and other feelings. But like everything in life is good side, as well as you may have bad, suffering brings us experience and how we are adaptable beings, become accustomed, that would be learn from it, so that the next time, it does not come with the same intensity ".


“No grief is experienced in the same way, as well as any depression has the same origin, nor felt the same way by all people. It's like chaos theory, nothing is the same, it is a consequence, chance creates the rhythm of the sequence. Just as no wave of the sea is exactly alike. When we lose something important, or something makes us sick, our behavior may be strange to some, more or aspect not state of anhedonia, It is relative to pain experience already experienced by the individual ", the philosopher.

Do not fear the suffering

"The fear of suffering, It has different defenses, depending on the personality. Create anger of those who hurt you to forget it, seek negatives and did not like that person and to hold it to convince you forget it will do well. Start a process when indifference believes not being noticed or when as “revenge” moved by the pride, anger the distance expected to be sought.

Choosing help feeling not to suffer, may instead be a protection, be the start button to a depression.

So what to do to not suffer? I block, create anger, be indifferent, not make me feel pain and drives me to follow.

Like everything in life has to be moderate, we have to reflect on that feeling deceived. Having an awareness of it, the reasons, reason and move on with science and experience, but ready to face other challenges.

Not believe that suffering is everyone and everything, but only situations, occasions, temporary events that will pass. For everything in life goes. Nothing like a day after another ", concludes.

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