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Luso-Brazilian philosopher is one of the smartest people in the world

Philosopher Fabiano de Abreu is approved as a member of Mensa, a club of world geniuses and has the highest IQ than Steve Jobs, Bill Gates a Eistein

The renowned publicist, journalist, pesquisador e filósofo Fabiano de Abreu It passed the Mensa, the biggest, oldest and most famous high IQ society (Intelligence quotient) the world. According to the battery of tests by which underwent Brazilian Portuguese-, he has the IQ above 180, which places it in the category above gifted, or genius.

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Figuring this exclusive super geniuses list is made for few. In Brazil, for example, among celebrities, we have the musician Chico Buarque, with IQ 140, the presenter Jô Soares with IQ 156 and musician Roger Moreira, Outrage of the band Rigor, with IQ 172. The fact that Abreu Fabiano philosopher dial up 180 points on the IQ test positions it near the top of the list, among the most intelligent public and people living Brazilian personalities.

If we compare globally, singers Madonna and Shakira have both IQ 140, and multi-billionaire Bill Gates has IQ 152. Einstein had IQ 160. These figures position Fabiano de Abreu on a select group, also worldwide.

Fabiano de Abreu. Foto: Divulgação / MF Press Global.

Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: Disclosure / MF Global Press.

Founded in the UK in 1946, Mensa has only 134 thousand members spread 100 countries. This is because its members are only the so-called 2% the world's population, with IQ above 127. Among the members of this exclusive club, the level of education is not what determines intelligence. They can be either people with multiple doctorates or have never finished high school. The list of professions is diverse. In Brazil, according to the website of Mensa, are about 1,4 thousand members.

Fabiano de Abreu tells how he discovered belong to this intelligence group above average:

"When I had 17 years, I made my first IQ test, and the result was 175 points. So, I was recently in Rio de Janeiro, and then I decided to do a test, this month, this time with 37 years, with psychologist Roselene Holy Spirit Wagner, that did not show me numbers (QI), but a result naming me as “above average intelligence ". Then I went to Sao Paulo to Cristiane Costa neuropsychologist Cruz, who is a member of Mensa and expert on intelligence test. Making a broad test of various types of intelligence, as verbal skills and reasoning. After these two tests, I also did the test for Mensa, Association of higher IQ's of the world. After, then I received the approval confirming the high IQ and I became part of the international Mensa ".

There are several methods to measure the intelligence quotient. Yet, the most accurate method, which is adopted by Mensa and Mensa International Brazil, It is based on percentile: “In consultation with the neuropsychologist expert IQ test and association members, the correct IQ percentile measure is. These numbers are said in the press and on websites are not accepted. To get into Mensa must have at least 98% percentile, that serious or equivalent 2% the world's population. In my case, 99% equals 1% of the population. If we base ourselves in numbers we will have results for. some tests, maximum score 150, 99% It would be something between 130 and 150. Already in a maximum score test 200, 99% REPORTING 180 to 200. In the last test I did this month, if it were me based on it, I could say I have 180, 190 or 200, but this is not correct, it is not so over rated. Tests of Mensa has the approval of its headquarters in England, and the association is a pioneer and the most important in the world”.

Fabiano says that is happy to be able to positively represent Brazil abroad: "For me it never mattered the degree of IQ, I never really worried about it. What I find cool about this is able to take the name of Brazil abroad, in a positive way. They need to know that there is here also super brains, not only there.”

Fabiano reports that was rebellious as a child and came to be expelled from school for being tearaway.

"Even the high school was not the so-called model student. I had discipline problems. But I came to maturity and become a journalist, writer and respected professional in Brazil and abroad. I am a philosopher who did not graduate in philosophy. To be approved in Mensa, Plead condition of a scholarship at Harvard and other equally prestigious universities around the world. How to live in Portugal, I intend to go to college in Oporto or Coimbra. "

Fabiano de Abreu. Foto: Vagner Souza / MF Press Global.

Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: Vagner Souza / MF Global Press.

To David Wechsler, famoso psicólogo que desenvolveu escalas de inteligência bem conhecidas, como a Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale e a Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, o termo “genius” It could be applied to obtain who score above 127, a standardization mean = 100 and standard deviation = 15. Later on, He started to classify as “genius” who obtain score above 150. Pela classificação mais recente do Stanford-Binet V (2003), genius term is applied to those scores obtained above 160.

Check out the world IQ bases:

QI acima de 127: giftedness
121 – 127: Superior intelligence
111 – 120: above average intelligence
91 – 110: average intelligence
81 – 90: slight dulling
66 – 80: Bordering
51 – 65: slight weakness
36 – 50: moderate weakness
20 – 35: severe weakness
IQ below 20: profound weakness
Below 20: profound mental retardation

Another test Q.I. commonly used in children's Bailey Scale of child development.

Meet 15 the higher IQ in the world:

  1. Steve Jobs, criador da Apple tem 140 de QI
  2. Bill Gates criou a Microsoft tem 151 de QI
  3. Quentin Tarantinoo diretor de cinema teria 160 de QI
  4. Albert Einstein, the most pop geniuses, tinha QI 160 to 190(prediction)
  5. O apresentador Jô Soares appears in the list with 156 points
  6. The singer Madonna is 140 points
  7. The actress Nicole Kidman is 132 points
  8. Rowan Atkinson, comedian has 178 points
  9. The writer Rick Rosner is 192 points
  10. The writer, filósofo e jornalista Fabiano de Abreu is 180 points (prediction)
  11. Stephen Hawking, o famoso cientista tem o QI de 160
  12. The painter Leonardo da Vinci – QI of 180-190 (prediction)
  13. Kim Ung-Yonq que trabalhou na NASA desde criança tem o QI de 210
  14. Judit Polgar, grã mestre em xadrez tem QI de 170
  15. Americana, 44 years, Marilyn Von Savant conseguiu uma façanha: included in the Guinness book of records with the highest intelligence quotient (QI) ever measured: 228 points.

About Fabiano de Abreu

Fabiano de Abreu is a philosophical, researcher, poet, writer, known journalist and press officer in Brazil, Portugal and Angola. He wrote the book “Live Might Not Be So Bad” lying at the University of Coimbra in Portugal, in Gregorio Semedo in Luanda, Angola and the Castelo de Paiva libraries in Aveiro and St. Lazarus in Lisbon, both in Portugal. Also in the National Library Rio de Janeiro. The Spanish version of ‘Live can not be that bad‘ It can be found online. As a journalist has over 15 columns of newspapers, magazines and websites. Business owner MF Global Press – media relations and social media, Fabiano has created over 500 characters to Brazilian press thereby obtaining the current record of the journalist who created more characters in the story, getting the Best of the Year award 2017 for this achievement. In addition to the journalist revelation prize 2015, best publicist in 2016 e o prémio Brazil Films de cinema em 2016.

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