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Flávia Cardoso Soares Auctions: 1º Auction AG Bueno Collections – Buriti Collection Limited Editions


Day 31 March 2021 at 3 pm




Flavia Cardoso Soares - JUCESP Nº 948

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For this first auction, AG Bueno brings the collection of Buriti Edições Limitada, who worked in the fine art printing and distribution segment for 30 years.

In the first half of that period, produced national exhibitions of prints by artists such as Carybé, Aldemir Martins, Claudio Tozzi, Carlos Scliar, Burle Marx as well as the commemoration of 80 years of artist Tomie Ohtake, in 1993.

In 15 next years, Buriti opened its own printing studio and produced numerous exclusive editions from more than 30 artists, illustrators and photographers. These editions reached the consumer through retailers such as Livraria Cultura, Livraria da Vila, TokStok, museum stores, among others.

Features of editions

Buriti's editions are exquisitely printed with the best inputs available for the fine art segment: natural pigment ink and paper 100% cotton, pH neutro, to ensure color fidelity and museum-standard longevity. Most of our projects involved finishing with imported passepartout, also with neutral pH, and beautiful packages manually pasted, which we make available in some lots of this auction.

About the auction

The main objective of AG Bueno's curatorship was to show the public the diversity of authors, themes and techniques used in creating matrices. When selecting several from each author(to), visitors will be able to see complete collections of works by important plastic artists, illustrators and photographers, totaling 180 lots.

How to buy at auctions: just access the link to the catalog and launch in the items of interest. The moment a bid is placed, those who have never bought on internet auctions will need to fill out a registration form, which will generate a number by which bids are recorded. As for people who have bought before, they will just have to login. It is also possible to register previous bids directly with the auctioneer. In this case, talk to me on tel. (11) 99979-9416.

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FLÁVIA CARDOSO SOARES – Official Auction – Jucesp 948
Tel.: (11) 99979-9416.
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