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Natalia Lage, Carlos Leal, Cristina Pinho e Cacau Dias. Photo: Alex Ramos.
Natalia Lage, Carlos Leal, Cristina Pinho e Cacau Dias. Photo: Alex Ramos.

The launch of the Cristina Pinho jewelry brand at the Clube do Vinho at Bistro MAC was a success.

Last Wednesday, 29 September 2021, the Bistro MAC hosted a parade with real works of art wearable. The models invited by the businesswoman, Cristina Pine, "models for a day", like the architect Marina Cipriano, the lawyers Dani Americano and Caroline Arêas, interior designer Natália Antoine and plastic artist Duda Oliveira, all active in their professions.

The models gave a show of sympathy and resourcefulness, talking to the audience present, that just like them, were interested in details about the exposed jewelry.

The parade was splendid, the guests were able to see the jewels up close and still, enjoy a delicious dinner with the menu signed by the staff of the bistro MAC and the highly praised wine list signed by the oenophile Luiz Barros.

A event had more than fifty women members of the Club, we can highlight the presence of personalities such as: the businesswoman Marlene Troisgros, visual artist want Catarina, the actress Natalia Lage, the architect Clarice Bardavid, the psychotherapist Fátima Dantas, among others.

O Talk Show

The traditional Talk Show of Clube do Vinho couldn't be missed, the guest was the distinguished psychoanalyst, writer and still, plastic artist, Carlos Eduardo Leal that enchanted everyone with the theme "The adornments of the soul and the body", thus completing the artistic moment: uniting self-knowledge, sets, cuisine and jewels Cristina Pinho.

about the collection

The inspiration for the collection is present in elements of nature, of the arts, do design, using organic and geometric shapes adapting them to the universe of jewelry. Cristina Pinho talks a little about the DNA of her brand:

“My goal is to create a new perspective for copyrighted jewelry, using as raw material: the gold, the silver, the yolks, but with the sensitivity of someone who observes the world with a different look."

About copyright jewelry

The body speaks and everything we add to it, that's how we create our image. Expressing yourself with personality demonstrates the inner strength of each individual. Cristina summarized: an author's jewelry is not an accessory, it's protagonism!

About the Wine Club

Conceived by the ceremonialist cocoa Days, the wine club, former Cachaça Club, already counted several guests: the architect Alexander the Great, the artist César Coelho Gomes, the cultural researcher André Diniz, MAC director Marcelo Velloso, the dental surgeon Gelson Carneiro, the cachacier Angelo Mello, the creator of Outubro Rosa Niterói, the late Paulo Gonçalves, the psychologist Marco Aurélio Souza, the pharmacist Gabriel Alves, the plastic surgeon José Augusto Peçanha, the architect Ricardo Campos, real estate consultant Oscar Motta and dentist Eduardo Picanço. In its first edition, the wine club- only for them was the oenophile Célio Fortes interviewed, later told tarologist Layla Melo, the sculptor Duda Oliveira, neuropsychologist Fátima Danta, the photographer Renato Moreth, the sculptor Rodrigo Saramago, the artist Rudi Sgarbi and in this issue the psychoanalyst Carlos Eduardo Leal.

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