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Strength and beauty of women are featured on display at Leila Diniz

The exhibition 'Earth Daughters' reveals nuances of the feminine universe

Between the days 4 and 29 de Mayo, Leila Diniz Culture Center will receive the exhibition "Earth's Daughters", Agnes Drummond. Art lovers may confer 40 works that depict the female universe, with reinterpretations of photos, dreams of the artist and nature. Tables play with painting techniques and are a result of mixing between crayons, gouache paints, watercolor and even glue. Admission is free.

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"With exposure, I intend to show the strength and beauty of woman. I want to warn the public about the role of women in modern society and its weakening in the face of male power ", says Inês.

The career of the painter in art began recently, in 2016, but, since 2000, she is already moving in the art world through poetry. "I always liked these universes, but I felt the need to express feelings overflowing words. Then migrated to the tables ", ends.

Exposure Earth Daughters - Agnes Drummond
Date: 04/05/2018 to 29/05/2018
Local: Culture room Leila Diniz
Time: Das 10h às 17h
Address: Rua Professor Heitor Carrilho, nº 81 - Center, Niterói
Free Entry


Exposição Filhas da Terra – Inês Drummond. Foto: Divulgação.

Exposure Earth Daughters - Agnes Drummond. Photo: Disclosure.


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