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Photo: Roberta Montagnini, featured.
Photo: Roberta Montagnini, featured.

Internationally awarded Brazilian photographer Roberta Montagnini teaches photography secrets during quarantine

With more than 40 international awards photographer Roberta Montagnini is a reference in fine art and now teaches on the internet the secrets of image editing, equipment and even how to make photography a profitable profession.

With quarantine, many people started using the internet to occupy their free time in a useful way, reinvent themselves and learn new things, even invest in new sources of income.

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Thinking of ways to help both beginners and people who already have some experience in the business, internationally awarded Brazilian photographer Roberta Montagnini is launching free content and videos on the internet where she teaches the secrets of the profession: “Most of the videos are in English, to reach an audience of various nationalities and also because I live outside Brazil and work mostly with people who don't speak Portuguese. Yet, I am now recording these videos also in Portuguese and I have already received many positive feedbacks about the initiative.

The videos cover subjects from the technical part of image editing to the most business-focused issue: “On my YouTube channel, I intend to help people not only improve their art, but also to become entrepreneurs and understand photography in the business area. So I cover how to make photography profitable, price list, the first steps on how to start this career, camera functions and how to choose the right settings according to the environment. ”

Create opportunities during the pandemic

In conjunction with other photographers, Roberta has been part of the “Pass the camera” challenge that discloses the work and the profile on the social networks of each one. “The goal is to create opportunities in the midst of the pandemic so that people get to know the work of each of these professionals, and continue sharing the promotional video, which is more important now than ever. ”

Roberta Montagnini's online classes can be accessed at the link YouTube and the challenge Pass The Camera no Facebook.

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